Fishing For Elephants by Larry Moore | En Train Air Artists Travel & Paint!

As I mentioned over the weekend, many people tell themselves that they can’t draw – but that’s not true! If you can write, you can draw! It just takes practice. LOTS of practice. I would guess that 99% of artists do not pick up a brush and create a masterpiece time after time. Painting (like drawing) takes practice. Lots of practice. It takes a lot of paintings before you get your groove. 

The artists I admire are the ones that push themselves. They not only work in one medium, but multiple – many are even diverse when it comes to subject matter (abstract and realistic or places near and far). If you are interested in some serious inspiration look no further than a fabulous book called FISHING FOR ELEPHANTS by Larry Moore.

Larry’s work is brilliant, he is one of the most creative individuals ever. Creative in both words – (he is fascinating!) – and artistic ability. You may see Larry paint a beautiful Charleston scene, a very cool abstract or something in between. This is an amazing book not only for artists, but for everyone! Makes a good gift too!!

Read about a brilliant idea, “EN TRAIN AIR” where several seriously talented plein air artists will be traveling via rail – stopping to paint at drop dead destinations and then having a pop up show at McLarry Fine Art in Santa Fe, NM! Read THIS from Larry, an opportunity not to be missed! Artists include: Larry Moore, Aimee Erickson, Shelby Keefe, Charlie Hunter, Randall Sexton, and Jason Sacran. WOW! I can’t wait to see their paintings!

Catch you back here tomorrow!



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