Fishing For Elephants by Larry Moore | En Train Air Artists Travel & Paint!

As I mentioned over the weekend, many people tell themselves that they can’t draw – but that’s not true! If you can write, you can draw! It just takes practice. LOTS of practice. I would guess that 99% of artists do not pick up a brush and create a masterpiece time after time. Painting (like drawing) takes practice. Lots of practice. It takes a lot of paintings before you get your groove.  Continue reading “Fishing For Elephants by Larry Moore | En Train Air Artists Travel & Paint!”

Featured Artist: Colin Page! *Solo Show Alert!*

Snug Harbor by Colin Page 30×40″ Oil

Colin Page. A brilliant artist and a damn nice guy. Everyone who knows Colin loves him. He’s got an easy way about him, friendly, full of great information and one heck of an artist. If you’re in Maine, you most likely have seen him painting somewhere at some point. An avid plein air artist, Colin has a way with paint and a style all his own. You can spot one of his paintings from a distance and immediately know that it’s his work. Not easy these days. So many wonderful artists, so to have a style that stands out… well that… speaks volumes! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Colin Page! *Solo Show Alert!*”

Fine Art Collaborative – Workshops worth their weight in gold!

Workshops, Lectures & Demos Sept. 26, 27, 28, 2014
Workshops, Lectures & Demos
Sept. 26, 27, 28, 2014

Have you heard of The Fine Art Collaborative (FAC)? Well, if you can be in the Costa Mesa, CA area September 26, 27 & 28, 2014 you are in for one a real treat! The end of September there is going to be an amazing, unforgettable weekend of workshops, lectures and demos – you choose the workshop/lectures/demos you wish to attend.  The workshops tend to fill up quickly so don’t ponder too long… Check out these amazing opportunities – Oh, how I wish I could be on the West coast during this time! Not this year, but hopefully in the next year or two?

Tom Balderas is a favorite of mine, and he’s the one behind this great venture… this year with the assistance of Vanessa Rothe!

Still Life With Whiskey Jug by Tom Balderas
Still Life With Whiskey Jug by Tom Balderas

NINE AMAZING ARTISTS... don’t delay, sign up today! Here’s the LINK! They’ve made it so simple. Just select the workshop, demo or lecture(s) you wish to attend, then click the BUY NOW button.

Here is the SCHEDULE listed in one concise table, so you can choose which ones you want to sign up for!

This will be held at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA – (yes, the King of Frames guy, ha ha – gorgeous frames by the way!)…

Are you wondering where you can stay while you’re there? Wonder no more, they did the work for you… Here is the list of ACCOMMODATIONS!

Do you still have a question? Here is the CONTACT info!

Hey, to those of you who go, be sure to post pics on FB when it’s over! Would love to be there!

Let me end with a little blip ABOUT the Fine Art Collaborative, from their website

The Fine Art Collaborative, founded in 2012 by Tom Balderas, a painter, writer, musician and teacher brings together some of the finest painting instructors in the country for an annual workshop weekend. It is an honor to welcome Vanessa Rothe to the 2014 FAC. Vanessa, a founder of the ‘Realism Without Borders’ group is the California Editor of the Nationally acclaimed art collector magazine ‘Fine Art Connoisseur’ as well as a long time contributing writer for ‘Plein Aire’ magazine. A highly collected painter, she brings to the table the highest professional standards that are certain to make this September’s event another huge success.
Once again the Fine Art Collaborative has succeeded in being able to offer classes to painters at all levels of ability. All of our instructors are internationally recognized artists and beloved teachers who bring unparalleled skills to the workshops they teach. Every student can rest assured they will be given patient and highly skilled personal attention while working in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
The Fine Art Collaborative welcomes you to register for a weekend not to be missed or forgotten.
We look forward to working with You!
Tom Balderas

Images via, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Workshop Alert: Tim Bell – October 13-15, 2014

Tim Bell Workshop - Galerie on Broad, Charleston, SC
Tim Bell Workshop – Galerie on Broad, Charleston, SC

Mark it on your calendar! October 13-15, 2014 Tim Bell will be giving a workshop here in Charleston, SC.

The workshop begins on Monday (Columbus Day) through Wednesday from 9AM – 4PM each day.

Tim Bell painting on the wharf, Monhegan
Tim Bell painting on the wharf, Monhegan Island

I would just like to say, from experience, that I personally have learned so much from Tim. My husband and I met Tim on Monhegan Island, Maine (photo above) back in 2006 and he was painting away. For the three of us it was our first trip to Monhegan, and meeting Tim made it special. He shared so much information with me that week. I remember thinking to myself that he shares information that he knows because he WANTS you to know it too. He is passionate about painting. Have you ever taken a workshop or a private lesson, and had an instructor who didn’t want to instruct? I have. She wanted to paint on her own… without me asking questions… hmmmm. That just didn’t work for me. I was there to learn and I walked away not learning a single thing. So if that has happened to you, don’t let that stop you from taking a workshop that could possibly catapult you into the stratosphere! Ok, maybe I’m a little dramatic, but it’s my way of saying… This workshop… Will. Be. Worth. It.

If you agree, please share this post! You know… the artists helping artists thing…  😉

For more information visit the Galerie on Broad website!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:           Bermuda Bluff House Plan

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:        Featured Artist… John Cosby!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:   An Angel and A Prayer

Workshop Alert & Featured Artist… Philip Frey!

Tidal Zone by Philip Frey - 16x20" Oil
Tidal Zone by Philip Frey – 16×20″ Oil

I featured Philip back in 2011, the first year that I started this daily blog… his work was amazing then, but I love it even more now. I think his bold brush strokes and vibrant colors are out of this world. Each and every one of his paintings is absolutely the best! I haven’t met Philip, but we’ve gone back and forth with messages, and he is the nicest guy ever, a big plus when purchasing art. I have got to like the artist, otherwise it doesn’t matter to me how good their work is, I just won’t love it… you know what I mean?

The darkness of the rocks, against the sunlit shore and that beautiful water… wow… great combination. I like how color peeks through at you through the clouds. Awesome!

Mondrian's Icd Fish Shack by Philip Frey
Mondrian’s Ice Fish Shack by Philip Frey – 30×40″ Oil

Another fabulous painting by Philip. The vibrant blue really just sings… and those icicles hanging off the bottom of the fish shack, well, I just love them! This painting caught my eye, reminded me a bit of home (Michigan). As soon as the lake would freeze you would see “shantytown” – Fish Shanty’s (shacks) everywhere! Inevitably some people didn’t pay attention to when the ice would begin to melt and a few would be lost… bloop… gone. This painting really depicts that quite nicely. I remember going ice fishing with my dad out on the frozen lake. Dig the hole, that was the coolest part. Then sit on buckets with the car door open blocking the wind… no fish… Hello!! Where are the fish…?? Ok dad… I’m done and ready to go get something to eat, hee… that would be after about 15 minutes – wonder why we never had a shanty, ha ha… it was big fun regardless, and probably MORE fun, hey, the memory stuck, that has to mean something, right?

Philip is giving a workshop this year, here are the details, if you’re in the Maine area you aren’t going to want to miss it!

Painting Downeast
Plein Air Painting Workshop with Philip Frey
August 28-31, 2014 | 9 am – 4 pm | $400 |

Click HERE for more information!

Read more about Philip from Gleason Fine Art Gallery website:

Phil Frey was born in Portland, Maine, in 1967. He honed his artistic muse at Syracuse University, from which he graduated cum laude in 1990. Returning to his beloved Maine, he established his home and studio in the down-east village of Sullivan. 

Frey is a master at using bold color to capture the sense of his subject. An admirer of the French Fauves, the 19th-century artists noted for their use of bright color, Frey says of his art: “I’m an artist who tries to joyfully express the surroundings I love through color and a sense of place.”

Frey’s vision is vital, his goal is simplicity. He is often attracted to what might seem ordinary or everyday to someone else. It is Frey’s ability to transform that everyday object into something of beauty and meaning that has caught the eye of Maine’s audience of astute art collectors.

Although Frey’s subject matter is diverse—pure landscapes, seascapes, and even interiors—his joy in the simple act of painting is a constant. So is his need to show “the simple beauty of the extraordinary moment: vivid light on a building, shadows draped along curvy roads, the many colors of foliage, or the intricacy of a working harbor.”

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:           Poe’s Tavern – Sullivan’s Island, SC – fabulous hamburgers!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:        Featured Artist… Anne Blair Brown!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:   William Shakespeare!