Featured Artist: Leslie Pratt-Thomas (Upcoming show at the Dare Gallery in Charleston, SC!)

Follow the Sun by Leslie Pratt-Thomas 30″ x 30″ Oil

Leslie Pratt-Thomas. Many of you know her work. Leslie is a talented artist located in the Charleston, SC area. Art is a big part of people’s lives – it makes the world a better place. In addition to Leslie’s innate painting skills and ability to capture this area so perfectly, she is such a nice person. Kind, and interesting – you will look at her paintings, and be reminded of an area, or a memory and smile when you think of the artist who painted it. Leslie has a following clearly because her work is gorgeous and is a nice reminder of the Lowcountry. Did I mention her exhibit which starts this Friday, November 5, 2021?

The exhibit is at the Dare Gallery, where much of Leslie’s work resides. The solo exhibit is “WINGSPAN” and it begins this Friday, November 5-30th at their gallery at 31 Broad Street in Charleston, SC. Information below is from the Dare Gallery website:

The work of Leslie Pratt-Thomas has made bird watchers and bird art collectors out of so many people over the past 20 years.  The intricacies of each bird, the way the light glows through their wings, the majesty of massive wingspans, the dare devil fly-overs and the sense of freedom that she captures, along with her glowing landscapes have made her one of our most highly collected artists.  

This painting, Follow the Sun is so nice. Leslie has captured one of the magical scenes that you might see in the Charleston, SC area. The sky is brilliant, the light is fabulous, the brush and trees look just like what you would see here. Like I mentioned, a very nice memory of this area!

👉 Preview Leslie’s WINGSPAN show by clicking HERE. If you’re in the Charleston, SC area on Friday, November 1, 2021 the exhibit opens 5-8PM.

See more of Leslie’s work via these links:

Leslie Pratt-Thomas

Website  |  Dare Gallery  | About


The paintings of Leslie Pratt-Thomas, though varied in content, portray the natural world through her unique life experience. Having lived in Canada, New England, Colorado and finally Charleston, SC she is “at home” painting a wide variety of subject matter. Her beginnings as a realist showcased her ability to capture light on a creek, a shorebird, or a shrimp boat; and she says now, after 20 plus years of daily painting, that she is just beginning to “get it.” Armed with knowledge, dedication, and her own personal style, she is creating work that is garnering national and international recognition.

She is primarily self-taught learning most from her consistent weekly practice – painting “en plein air” (or in the open), and on these adventures is often accompanied by her canine companion. Early in her career she frequented weekly classes from local instructors and various workshops while pursuing the fundamentals of painting. She still travels annually to work with noted artists for specific skills she wishes to enhance and she is happy to share her knowledge.

For several years she has taught small groups in her studio, as well as occasional workshops. “Teaching the rudiments and subtleties of oil painting is pure pleasure; seeing my students’ perspectives and growth reminds me of when I first started painting and began viewing the world through an artistic lens – there is nothing like reliving that excitement with them.”


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