Featured Artist: Anne Blair Brown!

Choice Seating by Anne Blair Brown 12×12″ Acrylic

Anne Blair Brown. An artist who’s work I have admired from the very beginning. She has a way of taking a scene, loosening it up and making it even more wonderful than real life! Anne has an upcoming exhibit in Charleston, SC…

The show is TERRARIUM, Anne is part of a group show at the Meyer Vogl Gallery on Meeting Street. In addition to work by Anne Blair Brown, there is also work by Stanley Bielen, Kathleen Jones, and Melanie Parke. If you’re in the area it will be a great show! The exhibit runs through November 27, 2020.

Anne’s comment on her work for the Terrarium Exhibit:  “In this period of quarantine, I have used the time to connect with my immediate surroundings on a deeper level. Simple moments in time that might have been overlooked now become more important and cherished. My paintings for this show were painted with a grateful heart and an appreciation for everyday beauty.”

Anne is an amazing person in addition to being an masterful artist, be sure to check out more of her work via these links below:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  | Workshops


Anne Blair Brown was born in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and was raised in Nashville, Tennessee where she currently lives. Her work centers on intimate scenes inspired by local surroundings as well as travel in the US and abroad. “My artwork starts in reality and evolves through my imagination. As an impressionist, I believe in a painting process that enables me to tap into my creativity rather than trying to copy and perfect. My goal is to invite you, the viewer, to connect to the painting such that you personalize the experience and use your own imagination to complete the story.”

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