Eric Bowman – Show at the Maxwell Alexander Gallery!

End of the Trail by Eric Bowman | Maxwell Alexander Gallery

WOW. What more can you say. To me, the white fabric is stunning against this fabulous dark background. The desert is awe inspiring as is the sky. The light on the horse and the man is brilliant and so beautiful.

End of the Trail (above) by Eric Bowman – this painting is just one of the available paintings at the Maxwell Alexander Gallerythe exhibit, INDIGENOUS SUITE begins today! If you’re in the Los Angeles, CA area – you may want to pop in for this fabulous event or visit online! Many paintings have already sold (as I write this a few days before it posts).

Below is information regarding this exhibit, from the Maxwell Alexander Gallery website:


NOVEMBER 14, 2020

Maxwell Alexander Gallery is proud to present “Indigenous Suite,” Eric Bowman’s fourth consecutive solo exhibition in Los Angeles.  In Bowman’s latest exhibit (painted mostly during quarantine, wildfires, and civil unrest) he’s turned his focus to classic Native subjects.  

Bowman states that he sees many of the paintings in his show as signs of hope.   Each piece displays pride and purpose.   The artist’s previous career in illustration has allowed him the versatility to imagine various subjects in different scenarios and landscapes.   These scenes are most evident in the paintings, “Shadow Pony,” and “Ghost Pony,” two works with a rider in action.  Bowman also reached a new achievement, landing his first national cover shot.   On the cover of Southwest Art Magazine’s November issue, “Arts and Crafts” by Bowman, shows a woman draped in a white blanket amongst pottery she’s created.  “I really admire the artwork, which is why I have several works with pottery, much of which was inspired by the San Juan Pueblo,” states Bowman.
Bowman honed his storytelling and craft since beginning his career in illustration back in 1983.  He composed work for major publications, such as Time, Saturday Evening Post, and Field and Stream. Following in the footsteps of many Western art icons such as Frederic Remington and N.C. Wyeth, he moved from illustration to fine-art, seeking to craft impacting work built for longevity. His fine art career has been met with continual success and sell-out shows. Notably, he was a recent sell-out participant at the Masters of the American West, and new participant in the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s Prix de West exhibition.
The new solo exhibition by Bowman features 13 new works, mainly medium sized paintings.  Each painting includes cast shadows, changing light, and dramatic skies, all of which Bowman uses to draw the viewer in, allowing us to create our own stories of life in the West.

Contact to Purchase: or 213-275-1060

See more of Eric’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Blog  | Maxwell Alexander Gallery

Bravo, Eric!

✍️ Until next time…


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