Featured Artist: Suren Nersisyan!

Night Landscape in the Farms by Suren Nersisyan 30×24″ Oil/Canvas

A fabulous painting, right? Moody, and interesting – mysterious even. I love the glow of the light on the trees and the landscape and I always love a light inside a house at night. Suren is amazing, he can literally paint any subject.

Suren Nersisyan. An incredible Armenian artist who resides in the United States. His talent is unmistaken. This first painting (oil) is in his Saatchi art site – more the Fine Art pieces (click HERE to see the paintings) – he has another Etsy site, “ORIGINALONLY” which is equally as fabulous, the work in this site is all original, no prints, the prices are fabulous – and they are treasures!

Goldfish, Feng Shui Fish Artwork by Suren Nersisyan 9×12″ Watercolor
via Etsy shop ORIGINALONLY

This goldfish painting is an example of one of his works in the Etsy shop ORIGINALONLY – check back often, Suren is prolific when it comes to turning out paintings. They are beautiful! His love for painting is obvious. Check out how he captures so many birds and other animals, just beautiful!

See more of Suren’s work via these links:

Etsy Shop  | Saatchi Shop | UGallery


I have always been fascinated by the perspective of being outside and looking in: into a window, onto a street scene, into an intimate still life setting. I use color and heavy brush strokes to convey mood and energy. Inspired by nature and humans, I am trying add vibrancy to what can sometimes be a plain world. It is a vibrancy tinged with nostalgia, maybe it’s true that my scenes are more colorful than reality, but they are the reality I prefer. and feel. Like a child… uren Nersisyan is known professional, full time artist, painter, illustrator, teacher. His Professional Art Education Suren received in Fine Arts Faculty of Armenian State Pedagogical University. After his Master Degree in Fine Arts Suren started to illustrate books, paint on plain air and develop his own path in Fine Arts. Suren is a child of nature and believes strongly that humans are part of it. His Artworks give us a joy of beauty. There is always a harmony of nature developed by shapes and colors. Difficult compositions, expressive language of brush strokes and colors are main methods of his art language. Inspired by Impressionism, Favousm and Post Impressionism Suren tries to express the world differently. Based on traditional art he tries to combine these styles together with more poetic accent of colors. Dynamic synthesis of Occidental and Oriental arts became a unique language of his artworks. He works mainly with oils, watercolors. His works are in many collections in France, USA, Russia, Germany, China, Singapour. He also did many illustrations for books, class books, worked with movie companies such as Warner Brothers etc. Many of his illustrations are licensed by different designing companies.

I hope you take a minute to check out those two sites – they’re full of so much beautiful art!

✍️ Until next time…


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