Tis the Season…

Tis the Season…

Tis the season for oh so much. What are some of your traditions? I have noticed an uptick in real Christmas tree purchases. Not only Christmas trees, but holiday decorations of all types and all types of celebrations are shown throughout the neighborhoods. I love the diversity, the culture, our differences as well as our similarities. May 2021 be our best year yet!

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Blessing Box! Help if you can…

Blessing Box in Charleston, SC

We were downtown a few weeks ago, heading back to our car we passed this Blessing Box. What is a Blessing Box? It’s a place for you to take what you need and to give what you can. Brilliant idea. I had to snap a photo so I could check it out and see what I could do to help. What a brilliant idea. Food, bags to carry the goods home, books, as well as personal things that people need to get through a day when times are tough.

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So what have YOU been up to since all this began? #damncovid

Charlie beside the fire with Fred ❤️

The other night we had a fire outside. It was a beautiful evening, the moon was full and the fire was so nice. Toasty and comfortable. It wasn’t particularly cold that night, more cool than anything. It was perfect. And then…

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Two Amazing Light Fixtures!

This is one amazing light fixture – Highly recommend!

I unrolled my yoga mat on the floor, sat down, looked up and this is what I saw… This is one of the coolest fixtures ever – I HIGHLY recommend! It looks good in any and every room. Designed by George Nelson and produced by Herman Miller.

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If 2020 Were An Image

If 2020 were an image, it would look a bit like this…

Yes, 2020 looks a bit like this. So much information about the presidential election, lack of leadership, who said what about whoever, the riots (and I’m not talking about the peaceful protests), the hate, the negative non-stop attack ads that make the “slip and fall and we’ll make you rich” commercials seem like Hallmark. I know my head isn’t the only one that is swimming in a sea of disinformation.

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