Time Flies – Lose an hour reminder!

A quick reminder that the time changes for most of us who enter into Daylight Saving Time beginning at 2AM. Tomorrow morning (at this time) will be an hour later than it is today. So if you feel as if your day has gotten away from you – that could be why. Interesting fact…

Do you know why the time changes at 2AM specifically? I mean why not midnight, right? Well, it has to do with the railroads. I never knew that! When DST first began during World War I, 2AM was one of the few times when no trains were traveling, therefore it was when the least amount of travel around the country would be impacted. Now you know!

Enjoy every second… because time truly does fly – so spend your time wisely.

So if you’re in an area with Daylight Saving Time – be sure to set your clocks ahead (if they don’t set themselves) before you go to bed.

👩‍💻Until next time…


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