Live Oak Trees & Azaleas Blooming in Charleston, SC

Winter in Charleston, SC

It’s been a hard winter. Hee hee. Yes, this is winter in Charleston, SC. It seems as if spring (and pollen) come earlier and earlier every year. It is beautiful with so many flowers blooming. Soon come the scented plants – the ligustrums, wisteria, gardenias, jasmine, etc. It can sometimes be like the strongest candle – and it’s just the outdoors. I do miss when it’s gone.

Spring begins on March 20, 2023 – so it’s not too far off. For those of use who live with these beautiful live oak trees – it can be a bit like fall in other areas of the country. #somanyleaves I’m talking those huge leaf bags – and so many of them. The leaves fall like rain. It can be a challenge, but the trees are most definitely worth the work.

Enjoy your part of the world – have a great weekend – tomorrow the time changes (spring ahead) for many of us. #ohyay

👩‍💻 Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Live Oak Trees & Azaleas Blooming in Charleston, SC

  1. We recently visited Charleston a few weeks ago on our drive home to NY from FL. I can’t tell you how many photos I took of those beautiful trees. As an artist, I was soooo inspired, and wished I had my paint supplies with me. We are going to make this as one of our regular stops from now on.

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