Featured Artist: Garry Kravit!

Never Again (Tribute to Federal Flight Deck Officers) by Garry Kravit 12″ x 20″ Oil

Garry Kravit. Love his paintings. This painting in particular is especially touching given the subject matter. Garry seems to be an interesting guy. An artist that paints all over the world – and he just happens to be a Boeing 777 Captain for a major U.S. airline. How interesting would it be to fly all over the world – and in your spare time have the ability to paint some pretty cool subjects? Garry can paint a wide variety of subjects – each as fabulous as the next!

Never Again.

Those of us who were around on 9/11/01 will never forget that day, where we were standing, what we were doing when we heard the news. This painting is a tribute to the Federal Flight Deck Officers. Wow… chilling and beautiful all at the same time. This painting makes you stop and remember. Give thanks to those who lost their lives and keep their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers (for real!)

This is Garry’s description of this painting:

On September 11, 2001, terrorists commandeered four civilian airliners. They flew two of them into the World Trade Center in New York, one into the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and they crashed one into the Pennsylvania countryside.

One of the many measures enacted by the United States government was the establishment of the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program to help ensure that such an act would never happen again. The highly trained women and men airline pilot volunteers of the FFDO program constitute one of the single largest groups of deputized law enforcement officers in the country.

After the terrible events of 9/11 charitable foundations were incorporated in the memories of the pilots killed on that day. As a tribute to the civilian airline pilot volunteers of the FFDO program, and in the honor of the crew members who lost their lives, artist and airline captain, Garry Kravit, painted a still life entitled, Never Again.

Garry Kravit | ARTIST’S INFO

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About the Artist (via Garry’s website):

Flying big airliners to pay for canvas, brushes, and color.

Garry started painting in 2009.  His training is a combination of self teaching as well as having studied with Elkin Canas, Milixa Moron, and Carlos Martinez-Leon at the Chiaroscuro Studio of Art in Miami.  He has also studied with a number of contemporary artists including, Todd Casey, Tony Curanaj, Carl Bretzke, David Kassan, Shana Levenson, Joseph McGurl, Richard Murdoch, and Joe Paquet.

When he’s not in the studio or working en plein air, you can find him flying Captain at the controls of a Boeing 777 for a major U.S. Airline.  He also enjoys woodworking but is power tool challenged so If he’s not painting or flying you may find him in the emergency room having something stitched up. 

A graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in psychology, Garry also studied creative writing in the MFA program at Florida International University.  He currently lives near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and also in the Western mountains of North Carolina with his wife, Karen, and Mr. Biggles, their twenty pound adopted Russian Blue kitty. Mr. Biggles is on a diet.

Garry feels incredibly fortunate to be able to enjoy two of his passions, flying and painting, often on the same trip. 

Pretty cool bio, isn’t it? I love, love, love when artists have a sense of humor in their description of themselves. And Mr. Biggles – he’s an awesome cat. He is lucky to have been brought into a loving home.


✍️ Until next time!


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