Where Am I?

This was a great time! So much fun… Where Am I? #hehe… It’s actually a pretty easy guess. I have great memories of this “special place” as a kid…

We were at the car wash. Not usually how we wash our car. Normally, Fred pulls out the hose, the bucket, the sponge, etc. and washes the car. This time we went through a car wash, where you pull up, sit in the car and drive through. I laughed. It reminded me of the few times we did it as a kid. I remember it being spooky, but fun. We would go through with my Dad. My sister didn’t like it at all, but once you’re on the track and slowly going through it, it’s not like you can stop and jump out!

Good memories. My dad usually washed the car by hand and not through a car wash, but a few times I remember going through it. What fun!

It’s funny the things I remember as a kid. It’s like my first memory of eating a bagel. My dad took us to this bagel shop (waaaaaaay back when) – and they put cream cheese and strawberry jam on the bagel. Wow. That was amazing, as a kid anyway. #goodtimes

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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