Anticipation… part of the getaway experience!

Anticipation. You know, if you have a getaway planned months ahead -that wonderful feeling of anticipation. Looking forward to wherever it is you may be going. Anticipation makes you happy. It gives you hope that a break is coming soon, where you can getaway and become one with nature or sit and relax or go bungee jumping – whatever it is that makes you happy… is coming soon.

What’s not to love about that, right? Try to not say SOMEDAY (or at least not too much) – I never really thought about it, but last time I watched Grey’s Anatomy, a patient’s husband was talking about his wife (who loved to travel) and it made her crazy when people sai, maybe someday… She said Someday isn’t a day in the week… so if you want to do something – make the plans now. After all none of us is privy to our future, right?

Not to mention, today is March 31st – the last day of yet another month. Tomorrow is April 1st – be good (and don’t be a fool, hehe). Go make someday plans for something/anything! It really does create an excitement about the future every single day. It truly doesn’t matter how far in advance it is – the happiness is still there from the knowledge that it will happen.

This photo was taken in August – we were at the Swag (Waynesville, NC) in their oh so beautiful garden. Wow!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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