In search of creative, beautiful ideas…

Pretty fabulous, isn’t it? I love the pairing of the rustic urn with unique plantings. The sun wasn’t out when I took this photo – if it had been it would have been even better. There are several design shops/nurseries in Mount Pleasant, SC that are always a treat to walk in.

This photo was taken at Elizabeth Stuart Design (ESD), but I’ve found stunning treasures at Abide-A-While as well. They have their act together. Everyone is knowledgeable and their gift shop/inside store is the best place in the world to buy interesting gifts.

This photo was taken over a month (or more) ago, so it’s time to go back and take some updated shots and see what they’ve got planted right now. It’s fun to get ideas and try something new!

Happy spring to you – wherever you may be!

👩‍💻 Until next time… and remember, today is April Fool’s Day – don’t fall for it… 🙌


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