Featured Artist: Joyce Hicks!

Laurel Mountain Highlands Farm by Joyce Hicks 18″ x 24″ Watercolor

Joyce Hicks. Beautiful work – right now I am mesmerized by watercolor paintings, and Joyce’s are no exception. Beautiful work. I love how she will sometimes show the actual image of what she painted alongside the painting. Wow, she makes everything so beautiful. It’s like walking around with a filter that makes everything look so nice.

Laurel Mountain Highlands Farm has such wonderful light and shadows, doesn’t it? I mean, just look at the side of the house – it’s stunning. All the shadows across the road and on the house – wow. I love how she uses a setting, but then changes it and adds her touches. Joyce is creative with a capital “C”! In her bio, she mentions that she “hopes to uplift the human spirit and inspire others to join her…” Absolutely! What a joy!

Joyce has a wonderful website so packed with information it could entertain you for days! Not kidding! Her social media is fabulous and full of information and paintings. Her blog has videos and paintings and oh, just they type of website you hope for… which is no easy fete! There is much more information than I have links for so be sure to check it out!


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About the Artist (via Joyce’s website):

I’ve always been able to visualize places and things in a very idealistic way, but it wasn’t until I discovered painting that I was able to express and interpret my own personal view of the world. My art is not always a true rendition of what is actually there but how I wish it could be. If the old white homestead is a bit neglected, then I will just capture it in sunlight to discover its real beauty. If there is only one withered rose on the old trellis then why not one hundred in full bloom? Frequent travel allows me to see and define what my heart is drawn to; not in the grand or extraordinary but in simple unassuming beauty. Painting gives me the opportunity to unite visual images with a montage of personal memories stored over my life time. In an attempt to translate my feelings for a subject I use interesting brush strokes, strong contrasts, sunlight and shadow in colors both soft and bold. These elements combine in a very personal and unique way providing a visual welcome mat to tempt others into my world. My hope is to uplift the human spirit and inspire others to join me as I continue my artful journey….. Joyce Hicks, AWS

Click HERE to view the entire bio…

What a refreshing artist to run across – she’s as sweet as can be, talented beyond belief and so interesting!


✍️ Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Joyce Hicks!

  1. Hi Barbara, thank you for spotlighting my work and all your lovely, generous words which made me feel extra nice inside. I have enjoyed your blog and all the wonderful, artful posts you share. Thank you for your support of my work, I appreciate you. Joyce

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joyce, you truly are the best! You stunning painting are a bonus – I am so happy to have featured you – I’m happy to do a re-feature any time! People really do love you and your work! Wishing you the very, very best!


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