What a welcome! Can’t wait to visit once again…

Some of you are going to see this image above and know exactly where this is located. Others are going to know exactly who painted this fabulous painting. This is a magnificent setting and the most welcoming building ever. This is the first building you come to when you visit…

The Swag (Waynesville, NC)! This photo was taken at the Welcome Center before you reach the main building. You walk into the main room with a roaring fire, and stunning decor. I could easily move in and be happy forever and ever. Every single element has been thought through and carefully decided upon. Including this gorgeous painting by artist Mariella Bisson, who I’ve featured in the past. It was a thrill to see her paintings (there are a few at The Swag) in person – so much so that we stopped by Momentum Gallery (Asheville, NC) on the way home.

At the Welcome Center, you’re offered a drink to refresh after your drive. You then select your menu for that evening (which is so much fun!) – make no mistake – you cannot go wrong with any decision you make. Everything is excellent, tasty and fresh (not to mention so beautiful)!

What a treasure – I mentioned anticipation a few days ago – no matter how many days/months/years until you actually leave for wherever it is you may be going it makes every day better somehow, doesn’t it? The anticipation of a getaway is the best.

Happy Wednesday to you!

👩‍💻 Until next time… (Back to regular posting on Monday!)


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