Quick Sketch: Live Oak Tree…

I did a quick sketch using my iPhone the other day – just trying to capture its essence. The way the branches seem to be reaching out – almost as if in a fairytale. I just wanted to sketch the main part of the tree which intrigues me ever single day. I left out the leaves and the Spanish moss, which as I look outside is blowing in the wind (as I write this).

It’s very dramatic and beautiful – also the resurrection fern – that dries up like a dead fern during no rain, then greens up and looks like the healthiest fern in the world once it rains. Back and forth it goes, brown and crunchy, blending in with the trunk, then green and vibrant.

Life is a miracle, isn’t it? When you’re out and about during your day – spread a smile – a kind word – anything that can make someone else smile. There is so much negativity in the world. Distance yourself from it and head towards the positive people. Time flies far too quickly to get hung up with everything that’s wrong in life. Focus on the positive. #changeyourmindset

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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