Featured Artist: Nicholas O’Leary!

Devil’s Club by Nicholas O’Leary 40×30″ Oil

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(Re) Featured Artist: Stewart White!

Dutch Holiday 83 by Stewart White 20×30″ Watercolor

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Featured Artist: James Crandall!

Two Ladies (Lucca) by James Crandall 24×12″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Eric Angeloch!

Summer in the Catskills by Eric Angeloch 24×48″ Oil | Available at Gallery Northstar

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Featured Artist: Frank Gardner!

One of My Favorite Places by Frank Gardner 24×30″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Lindsey Kustusch!

Master of Balance by Lindsey Kustusch 16×20″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Felicia Forte!

Point of View by Felicia Forte 18×24″ Oil

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