Fall is my “happy place”!

Where am I??

Glorious! The arrival of fall like weather is nothing short of glorious to me. I am so excited for hot and humid weather to be on its way out! I am looking so forward to fresh air, cool breezes, open windows, flannel and polar fleece.

There, I said it. Ha… I am in my happy place when I can be *me* – born and raised in Michigan, here are a few of my fall memories…

Leaves, lots and lots of beautiful, colorful leaves. I remember seeing on TV, people would rake a large pile of leaves and then children would jump into them. What fun. Tried it. Not fun. No cush. THUD.

I LOVE the look and the smell of autumn. Maple leaves turning the bright yellow and red – memories of grade school when we would do projects ironing leaves between wax paper (does that sound familiar to anyone?) –

Collecting money for Unicef around Halloween time… dressing up for Halloween with my mom handing out candy at home and my dad taking us house to house.

My dad making popcorn balls – they were the best ever. I can still see him shaping them, reaching in to the hot mix of caro syrup and popcorn and forming balls. Hint, hint, Dad, hehe. (Recipe link above is for a traditional popcorn ball – not with added dyes, etc.)

I miss the cool breezes, sites and smells – I miss it all. #damncovid is making me crazy – I can’t wait to visit my family again. But don’t feel that I should until it’s safe. I don’t want to inadvertently get anyone sick. So for now the memories of Michigan, the breezes, the sites and smells, my family will have to be via the computer. #thankgoodnessforthat

Photo above taken at Elizabeth Stuart Design in Mt. Pleasant, SC – Olive trees. The trees were loaded with olives. What a cool sight!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!); if you are interested, please contact me…


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