Celebrating a Wonderful Man!

A past happy birthday cake!

Well! We can definitely add a few more candles to the cake since this photo was taken. We were in Michigan, and my dad made a cake for Fred’s birthday (with MANY layers). My dad disappeared into the kitchen and when I popped in looking for him he was in the midst of baking up a storm. It was getting late…

The cake was warm, and I was trying to help by frosting it because the night was almost over, ha ha… it was a challenge, we had some good laughs trying to keep the layers together. Apparently when cake is warm and frosted with many layers they just kinda slide off…. So, I grabbed the toothpicks and turned the cake into a dangerous situation, but it held together (why didn’t I turn the cake before taking this photo?) it was beautiful – tall and full of candles. Fred LOVES cake, and he was so thrilled. We sang 🎵Happy Birthday 🎶 – Fred blew out the candles and all was well.

I think this was one of his favorite cakes! This one and the cake he grew up with, yellow cake, chocolate frosting – Halloween motif I’m pretty sure, ha ha. Two good cakes to save in the memory banks.

I want to wish the love of my life the happiest birthday ever! I love this photo of him and Charlie looking out the window. Happy birthday Fred! You’re the best of the best of the best! Wishing you the happiest birthday, love, laughter, health and all good things coming your way!

✍️ Until next time…


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