Scrumptious Soft Boiled Eggs!

Absolute Perfection!

We grew up eating soft boiled eggs as kids. They were always perfection on top good toast. Something warm with a mugful of hot cocoa before our long trek to school as tiny little kids, in the snow, with big snow boots on… haha… #itwasuphilltoo (KIDDING!) We did have quite a long walk for little kids (Grades 1-5), and we weren’t quite far enough away to stay for the hot lunches, so had to walk home for lunch, then walk back.

Good grief, I knew it was a long walk, I just pulled it up it was 0.5 miles (ONE WAY), bless our little souls! So we walked two miles a day to school in big boots in deep snow? #wewereamazing We had a metal swing set too… lived through it, hard to believe! Haha.

The easiest way to explain these eggs – this is for LARGE eggs. I take one or two out and set it on the counter while the water boils. Then using a slotted spoon I softly drop it in the boiling water. Set timer for 6 minutes. When it goes off drain off the boiling water and fill pot with cold (eggs still in pan). When you can safely pick them up you can carefully peel them and put on top of toast, slicing in half with a butter knife. *There is much controversy about the correct way to deal with a soft boiled egg. Peeling it seems to be the easiest way to me – but Google it and you’ll see what I mean!

If you’ve never had a soft boiled egg, I don’t know how to describe them. They are just so much better! So full of flavor. With just a light sprinkle of salt and pepper they will be the bright spot in your day!

✍️ Until next time…


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