The Village Double (Duplex) C0552) by Allison Ramsey Architects!

The Village Double (Duplex) C0552 by Allison Ramsey Architects

Something different to start off the new year… I was thinking about how this COVID-19 Pandemic that we’ve been living through has changed our lives (temporarily!) – many of us are staying home and working from home now more than ever. We have family members we’re unable to see due to the circumstances. But just think, what if you built a duplex? Say you’re working from home, and you have a family member who may be alone and perhaps doing the same thing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be next to each other? You could both have a work from home space as well as a living space.

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World Famous Christmas Cookies

These are actually called Christmas Butter Cookies – my family pulled the recipe out of a magazine back in the way back in the 1960’s and we’ve made them ever since. Five stars! Not only are they so tasty, but they are so much fun to make and especially to decorate. I can remember good times decorating one at a time (like tinsel on a tree, one piece at a time)… #whorememberstinsel?


Wine Style House Plan (13349) by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Wine Style House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

Now THIS is a great home for people with a large family. Spaces to gather and spaces to get away from it all. Lots of privacy, and wonderful porches, which is always so important! I believe they have thought of everything – you’ll see – take a peek at the house plan… Notice the wrap around porch on the left!

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Two Amazing Light Fixtures!

This is one amazing light fixture – Highly recommend!

I unrolled my yoga mat on the floor, sat down, looked up and this is what I saw… This is one of the coolest fixtures ever – I HIGHLY recommend! It looks good in any and every room. Designed by George Nelson and produced by Herman Miller.

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The Loudon SL 2054 House Plan by Bridgewater Architectural Design for Southern Living!

The Loudon (SL 2054) by Bridgewater for Southern Living

I love everything about this house plan – the porch, roof, windows, the overall setting… it’s fabulous! Just wait until you see inside.. (and yes, there are photos!) #jawdrop This house plan has some fabulous space! #dreaming

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The Bluebird Cottage House Plan (SL 2026) by Sailer Design!

Bluebird Cottage by Sailer Design

Small but mighty! This guest suite has such charm, I think it’s fabulous – Love the lines of it, very classy. This looks lovely painted this wonderful creamy white, it compliments the roofing and pavers, everything about this is exquisite!

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If 2020 Were An Image

If 2020 were an image, it would look a bit like this…

Yes, 2020 looks a bit like this. So much information about the presidential election, lack of leadership, who said what about whoever, the riots (and I’m not talking about the peaceful protests), the hate, the negative non-stop attack ads that make the “slip and fall and we’ll make you rich” commercials seem like Hallmark. I know my head isn’t the only one that is swimming in a sea of disinformation.

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