The Molekule Air Mini +

Molekule Air Mini + [Image:]

Molekule. What an ingenious product. This air purifier is amazing and it looks chic. There are many different models, meet the Molekule Air Mini + It. Is. Sweet! Click the link for more info. This came recommended to me by a trusted source, and I highly recommend it to you…

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Spring has sprung!

Azaleas Blooming in Abundance

Well! Winter went by quickly, don’t you think? We’ve had buds on trees and shrubs for a while now. It’s so beautiful to see. I like Spring, it’s a pretty time – the scents wafting from the various plants smell divine! It can be pollen filled, but still beautiful!

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Charlie Searching The Palm Tree…

Charlie and the Palm!

We have a palm tree in our backyard that popped up on its own. You see them all over the Lowcountry. I love the tropical flair they bring to the yard. They start just as a tropical growth, palmy looking more like a plant. They grow quickly, provide shade and the most wonderful relaxing sounds when there is the slightest wind. #itmakestheyardanoasis

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Chicken Coop In The “Hood”…

Happy Chickens – Charleston, SC

Cool chicken coop. Cool chickens. A beautiful chicken walked by and I didn’t get to my phone in time. So no photo… This was on a morning walk. I love running across the unexpected. In Charleston you can EXPECT to run across the unexpected, usually in the most unique way possible.

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London Mews House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architect!

London Mews by Allison Ramsey Architect

This is a townhouse plan. Unique, and can be absolute perfection in so many cases. The floor plans are flip flopped for each. You enter via the front door for the plan on the right, walk into a kitchen, dining and living space. For the left side, you enter via the back, and into the same rooms. Which means the living area is in the front of the plan on the left and the kitchen is in the front of the plan on the right. I really like seeing only one door. Both are two story.

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Edelsteen House Plan by Perch Plans!

The Edelsteen House Plan by Perch Plans!

I can imagine this house plan in so many different settings. Since it has so many wonderful windows and doors, I can see this plan fitting perfectly where there is a water view or maybe woods – any view would be amazing. I love the wrap around porches and the clean lines of this Dutch inspired house plan. I think this house has amazing lines. I love the cuts in the roof.

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