Bay Springs Carriage House by Lake & Land Studio!

Bay Springs Carriage House by Lake & Land Studio

Lake and Land Studio – their designs always seem to catch my eye. This studio/garage/work space is no exception. It’s sharp from the exterior – I love how you enter the space via the path to the door. The stairway to the upstairs is inside which is very nice if it’s hot, cold, raining, snowing, etc. What a difference it makes when one of the garage doors is set back a bit. It makes it look sharper and less “garage-ish” to me.

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Brickyard Road House Plan by L. Mitchell Ginn & Assoc.!

Brickyard Road House Plan by L. Mitchell Ginn & Assoc.!

Stately. That’s what I think of when I see this house plan. There is a definite “grandness” about it. I love the height of this home, the roof lines, and all the windows letting the space fill with sunlight. I think it was clever to have entry to the garage on the side vs. the front, so the front of the house looks like all house (vs. garage). It also helps to have a curved walkway that leads to the entrance and not a driveway that pulls up to a garage. Read on to see the plan… it’s a beauty!

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Bougainvillea in Charleston…

Bougainvillea in Charleston, SC

Such a pretty setting, isn’t it? All the pink blooms, with pops of white (and the cool blue chair) – all set in an English green space. Gorgeous! We stopped in Elizabeth Stuart Design (ESD) a week or two ago, looked around and then took a peek outside at the beautiful plants, furniture, etc. This setting is simply gorgeous! Bougainvillea’s are pretty amazing…

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River’s Edge House Plan (SL1977) by LiveWell Home Design for Southern Living!

River’s Edge House Plan (SL1977) by LiveWell Home Design for Southern Living!

Porches! Who doesn’t love them? Not only a wonderful front porch but also a to-die-for side screened porch. #bestofbothworlds You can make it as cozy and private as you like with shrubs and flowers or open and airy so you can greet your neighbors as they pass by. The River’s Edge is a wonderful one story house plan! Welcome, LiveWell Home Design – you’ll be seeing more of their plans in the future!

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Adaptive Cottage House Plan (SL2075) by Moser Design Group for Southern Living

Adaptive Cottage House Plan (SL2075) by Moser Design Group for Southern Living

This is a new plan by Moser Design Group for Southern Living House Plans. It’s a fabulous plan designed with flexibility in mind. This Adaptive Cottage plan allows you to age in place in style! Aging isn’t something we all want to think about, but if you’re making a major investment in your life, it’s a bonus if it can be a good fit for as long as possible. The front porch of this plan is so nice, and a good size! There is also a back screened porch, located off the kitchen, which I love! What a nice plan with so many options! It’s one story, so it’s great as you age – also if you need someone to live with you, there is space to make that happen.

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Charleston’s abundant camellias!

Camellias in Charleston, SC

Spring in Charleston is literally an explosion of color. The stunning array of bright colors and scents wafting through the air are absolutely magical. This is my very favorite part about spring. The bees look happy, the birds are very busy and I’m watching the larger birds swoop from branch to branch. #itsajungleoutthere

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The Castle Combe House Plan by Mitchell Ginn & Assoc.

The Castle Combe House Plan by Mitchell Ginn & Assoc.

I love the lines of this house! It reminds me of some of the Tudor style homes in the neighborhood. I love the high pitch, the dormers, the quaint arch around the entrance – this is STUNNING. The mix of board and batten, shingles and stone really makes this house look like it’s been in the neighborhood for a long, long time. The two small windows on either side of the door adds so much charm. #likeafairytale

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pink perfection!

Azaleas | Charleston, SC

The azaleas in Charleston, SC are blooming like crazy right now. They truly are a wonderful mix of pink perfection (various shades of pinks, as well as white). We live in an older neighborhood and most yards have azaleas, they don’t always bloom at the same time, but when they do – Lookout! It’s stunning!

Azaleas, most of the year are a ubiquitous shrub with green leaves. New growth is usually a brighter green. We get buds and then blooms, then wilted blooms. This is the point to cut back your azalea if you wish to. If you wait until too late you risk not having blooms the following year (#beentheredonethat) – so the rule of thumb is to trim after blooming.

Another rule of thumb is that it’s ok to cut back 1/3 of the shrub without harm to the plant. We’ve gone even farther and they were fine. Azaleas can get leggy and thin. They aren’t as pretty when this happens. If you do something shocking, like cut them back, they come back stronger and thicker. It may look drastic when you do it, but they grow quickly and are back to normal in no time. I think this spring we will be cutting back a majority of ours.

When I look back over my posts on Instagram or Facebook I can see that I post a LOT of flowers. I love them. Inside, outside, I really don’t care where they are, I absolutely love flowers. You can never have too many, am I right?

Happy Monday, y’all!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

10 Charleston Ave House Plan by Our Town Plans

10 Charleston Ave House Plan by Our Town Plans

This house is so Charleston, SC. Not that it’s limited to this area, it’s not. It’s a magnificent home regardless of its location. With both upper and lower piazza’s (porches) – your outside living space is huge. Can you imagine? Whether you’re sitting on the piazza off of the master suite with a book and a cup of coffee or if you’re on the lower piazza gathering with friends and family. This is a gorgeous plan (updated for today’s living) with plenty of outdoor space!

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18409L2 Guest Suite by Allison Ramsey Architects!

18409L2 Guest Suite by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Isn’t this the sweetest guest suite? It would also make the perfect WFH office area, studio, etc. The options are endless. It’s a small but convenient space that would be a dream in your backyard. Of course, it’s perfect if you have guests, so they have their own space. But what if you don’t have many guests? STILL a great option!

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Lines and Color…

Lines… and Color?

I love the simplicity of this photo. The straight lines intrigue me. I was sitting in the sunroom when I took this photo looking through the house. The lines of the nearby window, the French doors and the beautiful window in the distance are so interesting. Couple that with the arch and the reflection of green in an otherwise black and white image is striking.

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Spring is springing up in Charleston!

Abide-A-While – Mount Pleasant, SC

Well, it seems as if spring is about to spring in Charleston, SC! One of our azaleas is blooming, camellias are always in bloom this time of year, and the garden stores are full of stunning and colorful plants. I know our garden centers get CrAzY around here, like we all need to get some pretty things planted after our long, hard winter (hehe). It IS always exciting to do just that! The anticipation of what you’ll find and how it will transform a space is always so much fun!

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Honeymoon Cottage by Mitch Ginn & Assoc.!

Honeymoon Cottage by Mitch Ginn

Tudor style homes. Classy and elegant, I love the high pitches, the stone around the door and the porte cochere. Having a place to pull up to unload groceries in the rain is a big plus (and it’s nice to be out of the elements like tree sap, pollen, weather). I think you will be surprised by this plan. A very traditional exterior with an open interior! There is a large vaulted porch (with a fireplace) on the back porch. ❤️

Honeymoon Cottage by Mitch Ginn

This is the Honeymoon Cottage by Mitch Ginn & Assoc. – this plan is 2,504 square feet with 3-5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. I love the deep inset door (ahhh! the door!) and the fact that you have a porch in case it’s raining. It also helps to protect the door. You enter into the living area, on the left is an area where you can access a closet and a powder room, out of sight, which is classy and keeps the look clean.

The living area is open to the kitchen and eating room, which is nice and casual and would be exactly what we would use. The kitchen is so nice, plenty of space, an island and a pantry. I already mentioned the access from the porte cochere, which is really nice!

The master bedroom, bathroom and closet is accessed (out of sight) off the eating room. Both the master bedroom and the eating room have access to the porch – can you imagine chilly evenings (or mornings!) sitting on the back porch with the fireplace keeping you toasty? How wonderful!

Honeymoon Cottage by Mitch Ginn

This plan gives you the freedom to add bedrooms as you need them. There can be 3-4 bedrooms upstairs (or as pictured, which would be great! Maybe you just need one bedroom, a storage room and a studio area – You. Have. Options.

Note: This plan is also available via Southern Living House Plans, click HERE

L. Mitchell Ginn & Assoc.

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👩‍💻 I work with architects/designers from all over, so if you’re interested in one of their plans, please let them know that you saw their house plan here on – I appreciate it!

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Selecting a paint color…

Selecting a paint color for a specific room takes some work. These are the same paint samples, in three different rooms, about 1 minute apart. The sun and shade image shows the brightest you will likely see the color. I have to say, when I held it up on the wall it was much darker. So on the floor (images above) vs. on the wall adds another change. Look how much they change. How can you figure out what it will look like in YOUR room? There is an easy way…

You’ve probably heard of – a brilliant idea. Actual paint on samples, where the backing can be removed and adhered to the wall. So you see the same texture, etc. They’re generous size samples. They carry samples for Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and PPG. You select the paint colors, and they’re (usually) delivered the next day! We haven’t figured which walls to use these samples on yet, so I’m using blue painters tape that doesn’t have too much adhesive. Then once I find the walls I want to try certain colors on, we’ll do just that. Read the FAQ from Samplize to get the details.

ALL colors above look much darker on the wall, as in M U C H ! Which I LOVE!

One is a keeper, the dark (Hague – F&B) blue (that almost looks black when there is no direct light). I LOVE how much it changes! It’s such a classy color. I think we’ve ruled out one of the greens, it was one we threw in at the last minute.

For those who want to keep their paint colors top secret… If I loved a color I saw, say on Instagram, and I ran out and purchased it and painted my room – it will most likely look completely different based on the light (which way is the light coming from? how much light the room gets, etc.) which is why painting samples can be a lifesaver – I never have problems sharing our paint colors. I’ll let you know what we end up with!

✍️ Until next time…

House Plan 19280 by Design Studio Plans!

House Plan 19280 by Design Studio Plans

Charm! Doesn’t this house plan have a TON of charm? I love the roof lines. There is a nice front porch with wonderful windows to bring the light in. The garage is tucked in back of the house, so you can enter/exit from the garage. There is also a side porch which is quite unique (you can see the steps in the image above) – this side porch opens into the dining/living space on one side and the master bedroom on the other side. #unique

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