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Broccolini Chicken Rice Casserole!

I made this recipe on a cold day when something warm and comforting sounded divine. I ran across this recipe (Pinterest to the rescue!), I made a few changes to suit our tastes, and will make this again minus the cheese and will try using brown rice (measurements will be different, so don’t substitute brown rice in this recipe, it cooks for a longer period of time). This recipe was delicious! I’m glad I ran across it!

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The beginning of year 9! Your advice!


Do you know an artist, architect/designer that should be featured on this website? Share this post with them!

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Caroline’s Cakes – Ready to Order!


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Grandma’s Glossy Chocolate Frosting (& Velvet Crumb Cake)!

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Recipe: Brown Rice with Mushrooms and Spinach – the perfect side dish!

Brown Rice with Mushrooms & Spinach

I posted a recipe that Samantha’s mom (*read story below) shared with the group for Artichoke Chicken (originally from AllRecipes.com), and WOW – is it ever an amazing and very easy recipe. This is the perfect side dish to go along with it. This recipe comes together quickly, thanks to Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice found in the freezer section. Approximately three servings and three minutes in the microwave. Toss with the mixture below, and WELLA! The nuttiness of the brown rice and mushrooms are a perfect combination! Continue reading “Recipe: Brown Rice with Mushrooms and Spinach – the perfect side dish!”

Add this restaurant to your list: MINERO – Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA!

We stopped at this restaurant for the first time on Fred’s birthday this year. We’ve always heard rave reviews, and I can see why. The food was excellent as were the people, and it sure is more fun when the place you visit has a good vibe to it.

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