Spanakopita and Tzatziki from Trader Joe’s!

Greek Spanakopita and Tzatziki from Trader Joe’s – A tasty treat!

I found a delicious treat at Trader Joe’s, Greek Spanakopita and Tzatziki! It’s perfect for a special occasion – which is today (cooking for tomorrow) – I limit processed foods but today is an exception. (Sorry for poor image)🙄

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Easy Stovetop Mac and Cheese by The Stay At Home Chef!

Easy Stovetop Mac and Cheese by The Stay @ Home Chef

Macaroni and Cheese, a cult favorite of many – this recipe whips up quick and easy – it’s creamy and divine. Hard to believe, but it’s as fast as making the boxed kind, seriously – and far better! You will fall in love… I love this mac and cheese with salmon patties. Quick to through together!

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A Smile During Trying Times!

A special “Charlie” 🐾 treat creation…

I love creating treats for Charlie, our Jack Russel with a history of pancreatitis. For years he’s only gotten his ultra low fat prescription dog food, and occasional piece of pasta or tablespoon of rice, a little no fat Greek yogurt and veggies of all kinds.

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Breakfast (or lunch) of Champions!

Black Bean, Fresh Corn, Avocado, Brown Rice Breakfast Wrap with Pepper Jack

This wrap is a winner! It will fill you up and keep you full. It’s quick and easy to make and once you make a batch you can eat it for days and freeze the remainder to pull out for a quick breakfast! Essentially, this is almost too good to be true!

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Making a Tuna Melt Quesadilla!

Tuna Melt Quesadilla, Homemade Cole Slaw and Tortilla Chips

Wow! This is so much better than it sounds, trust me! We used to get a tuna melt at a restaurant (they stopped carrying it) – it came with slaw that had a sesame taste to it… it was delicious, and it was HUGE, we would usually split it along with a salad. We have been eating at home since early March because of Covid19. We did pick up some carryout for my birthday last week and it was fabulous. I’m trying to think of things to make that are different – I can get stuck in a rut recipe-wise. THIS IS AMAZING!

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Recipe Reminder: Making BBQ Sauce (Grilled Chicken and Corn)!

Oooh! Making BBQ sauce is SO worth your time. It doesn’t take long and your house will smell divine while it’s cooking! I divide it into 1/4 or 1/3 cup increments and put in freezer bags! That works well for 2 chicken breasts.

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Summertime Coleslaw Recipe – Quick & Easy!

Summertime Coleslaw

It’s always nice to have a little salad of some sort, whether it be a simple side salad, or cucumbers in Greek yogurt/vinegar or a quick and easy coleslaw. Dinner is part way complete – toss something on the grill and call it a day! Ok, so you may have noticed that the bowl is quite empty… I took photos yesterday but they weren’t great. So… I will replace this at some point, but for now, this is two day old slaw, and it’s amazing!

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American Macaroni Salad Recipe | Food Network

American Macaroni Salad | Recipe from the Food Network

I am so excited when I find a new recipe that I can make again and again, especially one that I can change up to be different… I didn’t want to make my typical macaroni salad, I wanted something a little different, but not too different… This is so good – AND you can add what you like, I did!

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Strawberry Summer Cake by Smitten Kitchen!

Strawberry Summer Cake by Smitten Kitchen

Heavenly. Yes, it’s the perfect description of this Strawberry Summer Cake. I am not a fan of cake, but my husband is. The amount of sugar and fat that goes into a cake and then again into the frosting is more than I feel comfortable making unless it’s a rare occasion. This cake does not need frosting. A tiny bit of whipped cream or a small scoop of vanilla ice cream is at most all it needs!

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A Fabulous Grilled Sandwich & Roasted Corn Salad!

Tasty Grilled Sandwich & Roasted Corn Salad

Is there anything better than a great grilled sandwich? The answer is “no” when you really need something different. I am a creature of habit. So most days I have an apple, a few tablespoons of peanuts, sometimes a few Wheat Thins, some grapes… then later a small amount of popcorn. It works well for me but sometimes you just really want a lunch. Not a puny lunch, but a real LUNCH. Haha… this is where this comes in. I made a batch of roasted corn salad the other day and it was enough for three meals for us. This salad is out of control good. My absolute hands-down-favorite!

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Easy Double Bean and Corn Enchiladas | Recipe from Cait’s Plate!

E a s y   D o u b l e   B e a n   &   C o r n   E n c h i l a d a s !

I was sitting by the pool reading Eating Well magazine (one of my favorites) – and I happened upon an image of enchiladas with the recipe written by a registered dietician. They gave the hashtag…

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