(“Samantha Sayers”) Artichoke Chicken: 5 Star Recipe!

Artichoke Chicken!

There is a story to this recipe, which I will explain in a bit. The recipe? Artichoke Chicken. This recipe sounded fabulous to me, since I like artichokes, chicken (and artichoke dip!) So I gave it a whirl and WOW! A quick mix of a few ingredients, spread on top of chicken breasts and popped into the oven. *Poof* MAGIC is served! I kid you not! Continue reading “(“Samantha Sayers”) Artichoke Chicken: 5 Star Recipe!”


Stunning Views and Fabulous Food at Bowens Island – Charleston, SC

Bowens Island View – Charleston, SC

Not fancy, but delicious. That’s how I would describe Bowens Island, a fabulous restaurant in the Charleston, SC area, very close to Folly Beach (for those of you who are familiar.) Continue reading “Stunning Views and Fabulous Food at Bowens Island – Charleston, SC”

Recipes to take for Thanksgiving Dinner – Including Grandma’s Chocolate Pie!

Grandma’s Chocolate Pie

Thanksgiving has so much to do with traditions – family traditions of recipes made year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation. My Grandma’s Chocolate Pie (to die for!) is one of those recipes! It can be tricky when you want to make some of your favorite recipes to take with you when you aren’t having Thanksgiving at your house – so these recipes are all easily portable – and do not have to be reheated, an added plus, especially when the oven could potentially be very full! Click the orange links below for the recipes: Continue reading “Recipes to take for Thanksgiving Dinner – Including Grandma’s Chocolate Pie!”

Bowens Island View!

Bowens Island View – Charleston, SC

There is a wonderful seafood place that we love to visit, Bowens Island restaurant. Their shrimp is fresh, fresh, fresh… lightly breaded and absolutely divine. Continue reading “Bowens Island View!”

The Ambiance at Taco Boy

Taco Boy – Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is well known for fabulous restaurants. Continue reading “The Ambiance at Taco Boy”

How to make the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner

ONE WEEK! One week until it’s Thanksgiving Day. You may have been thinking about what to make or make to take… I snapped a photo of Fred’s plate a few years ago, this is a fairly quick and simple Thanksgiving Day meal to prepare – especially nice for smaller groups (for larger groups roast a turkey vs. a turkey breast). (Links are in orange below!) Continue reading “How to make the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!”

Best Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe! 4 Ingredients…

Best Peanut Butter Cookies!

Peanut butter cookies that are crispy and so delicious and full of peanut butter flavor YET contain NO butter or flour. WHAT!?? Yes. No butter (or oil), no flour. Continue reading “Best Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe! 4 Ingredients…”