Everyone needs more birthdays… Artist Michael Schwab…

Image: MoreBirthdays.com

I love this poster! Artist Michael Schwab has created this poster for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge.

“Every year, thousands of cancer patients stay for free at American Cancer Society Hope Lodge facilities when receiving treatment away from home.”  JUST. IMAGINE. Going through something so difficult and being far from home. What a wonderful idea Hope Lodge is!

You can order a poster, a limited edition print or wrapping paper. You can also use this as wallpaper or send an e-card (both free), check it out by clicking HERE.


Charleston Farmer’s Market Poster

Image: charlestonarts.sc

The Charleston (SC) Farmer’s Market is on Saturday’s at Marion Square from 8AM until 2PM. For more information, click HERE.  It’s a good time with lots of good vendors, fresh fruits and veggies, both organic and conventional as well as arts, treats and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

This years poster entitled PETER PIPER’S PEPPERS by Ginny Versteegen captures the essence of the Farmer’s Market perfectly. A great souvenier if you’re visiting, or nice to hang in a poster frame in kitchen! If you get a chance, check it out!
Catch you back here tomorrow!