Another Santa trip! 1967!

Barbara and Bridget with Santa, 1967!

I can’t believe I remember this photo like I did the one a year earlier! I remember it because I was mad. I dressed up for Santa. We had our little skirts with matching shirts on, but because of the cold Michigan snow, we had to wear our leggings (really mom???? ha ha), then I wanted to take mine off first, but it was my turn to hop up on Santa’s lap, and since Santa “knows when you’ve been good or bad” I decided to go with it. I felt a need to explain “the look”! Can’t you just see the excitement in Bridget’s face? The way she’s got her hands clasped together tightly? PRECIOUS. Santa is awesome!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Another Santa trip! 1967!

  1. I hear ya! Ha ha… Great memories… Between the Santa at Eastland and the one at NSSC we had it good! Oh, as well as the Santa that left footprints in the living room that one year, remember that?


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