Sometimes a rainbow is more than just a rainbow…


Sometimes a rainbow is more than just a rainbow. Sometimes a simple rainbow can help us hold on to a memory that is near and dear to us. It’s a reassurance that things will be OK. That despite what has happened there is a world bigger than we can ever fathom. To me, it’s a sign from God that all will be well. We all look for signs that things will be OK, whether it be from a death, a sickness, loneliness, despair and a host of other feelings. Remember that there is a plan for us, and no matter what happens it happens for a reason. We don’t know what it could possibly be at the moment, but with the passing of time we can see more clearly why things happen.

Someone close to me had a health scare. A freaking scary scare that shakes you to your bones. I prayed. A lot. I was walking with a friend on the morning I took this photo… when I looked up and saw this, I instantly felt better. How could something as simple as a rainbow… a reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere that results in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky in the shape of a colorful arc, be such a comfort? I don’t have the answer for that. Perhaps I felt it deep down within me… We are here on earth for a short time. So enjoy every day you’ve got. Treat everyone as if it’s their last day… if we all did that at least a portion of the time the world would be a better place!

Prayers go out to those who lost their lives in the horrific happenings in Newton, Connecticut, as well as for the families, and the entire close-knit town. We all have to do better, it simply comes down to that. There needs to be help for those with mental illness, help beyond a jail term. Help for the parents with kids who threaten them and end up doing horrible things. (Click HERE to read a story by one such parent, it’s EYE OPENING)! We need to get this figured out. Soon…

Go do something good, for someone… anyone… Lets start making this time on Earth better, it starts with each of us.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes a rainbow is more than just a rainbow…

  1. It is a lovely photo and a collection of very good advice. Re. the article you cited: I think the mother publicly did her son a disservice by publishing that article. It struck me more as self-serving than helpful. Her son can read and it must be mortifying for him.


  2. Thanks Kate… I had another view of the article… one that shows a women brave enough to show the challenges that are involved, and how mental health issues need HELP and not a jail sentence… that certainly won’t help them… so sad for sure. I do see your point as well. Hopefully her son will get help and grow up to be well adjusted and maybe be stabilized on medications that work for him. I’m sure even he would agree that it was hell for all of them. I cannot imagine how helpless they both must feel!
    Hope you have a very Happy (and healthy!!) New Year!


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