The not tough dog toy that stood the test of time… kinda!

Charlie Christmas...

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you so happy… Our niece bought Charlie some dog toys for Christmas. He. Loved. Them. We don’t buy him toys because he destroys them in ten minutes. We make one exception… Christmas. We buy him a toy and he loves it more than anything for a full ten minutes and then it is destroyed beyond belief. Lindsey bought tough-destroy-resistant toys. Nearly indestructible ones, for a normal dog. Ten minutes and *BAM* missing leg… ten minutes on the other and *BAM* missing ear… then the not-tough toy, the braided blue/green/white toy. Now THIS is the not tough dog toy that stood the test of time… kinda… I guess the term “time” is relative. For some it may be years, others months, some weeks, and a few… a day. He pulled the fuzz.. he tossed it around, he chased after it… whoa, this is the one that’s going to last! I re-wrapped it for Christmas day and he had a blast ALL DAY… the stuffing was gone, but he was good about not swallowing it. He would finish by UNBRAIDING the three pieces… and there they were… three individual pieces… which I would braid again, tie in a knot and give back… that lasted until Christmas night when there wasn’t much left to braid. So I traded him for a cookie. He was good with it. I think he was pooped! This will become a Christmas tradition! Hope you all had a nice holiday!

Thanks Lindsey!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “The not tough dog toy that stood the test of time… kinda!

    1. I wish! They make lots of toys for big chewers, there is only one so far with a no way to destroy guarantee, however, it’s heavy and rubber and not that exciting to him… He does like for us to throw that one and he brings it back to us, but after that he’s done with it… This braided one he LOVED. Destroyed toys… The nature of the beast, so to speak, ha ha… Have a nice weekend Kate!


  1. Debbie wong

    Any idea where she bought the toy? My dog has the same one. Truly his favorite. No idea where it came from. It’s on it’s last leg. I need a replacement. Help!


    1. YES! Target! I bought a few more to have on hand just because he enjoyed it so much! I have to watch him with it, but he’s really tough on toys, so for this to make it through the day was amazing!


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