Featured Artist… Tom Hughes!

TomHughes GoldenGate TH

Golden Gate by Tom Hughes – Image

Golden Gate is a painting that Tom quickly did while scouting for workshop locations. Fabulous! I love plein air paintings, they just amaze me.

I truly enjoy Tom’s work… and his website… WHOA! I especially love the  GREATEST HITS link. These paintings are sold but Tom shows the finished painting and the sketch he used to get it to that point. And they are FABULOUS!  Just don’t take my word for it, check them out!

When looking at Tom’s “Greatest Hits” Charles Movalli crossed my mind (another fabulous artist, read more about HERE or HERE…). After reading Tom’s website I see that they are friends. Very cool indeed! I’m keeping my eye on this fabulous artist… can’t wait to see his work in person one day! I would love to be taking his workshop right now… it starts today in Marin County (CA).

Here’s a little blip about Tom from his website:

Tom Hughes was born in Massachusetts in 1965.  He attended Northeastern University and M. I. T. for physics but left in 1986 to work as a staff artist for the Christian Science Monitor daily newspaper, until 1989.  After this, he did freelance illustration for a few years while he taught himself to paint.

Hughes has been a professional artist – having finished his last actual job in 1992 – for 20 years.  He paints figures, portraits and landscapes in various media: oil, acrylic, watercolor and alkyd.  He has had solo exhibitions at galleries in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the New England states, and France.  His work has been featured in American Artist Watercolor magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur, for which he painted the magazine’s publisher Eric Rhoads’s portrait in oils.  Tom Hughes is one of the artists whose work is featured in a book about watercolor painting skills, Watercolor Painting by Tom Hoffmann, published in 2012 by Watson-Guptill.

In 1999, Hughes moved from New Hampshire to Meeks Bay on the west shore of Lake Tahoe where he and his wife Charlene lived for several years.  They now reside in Alameda, CA.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Tom Hughes!

  1. Thank you Barbara. I really enjoyed seeing tom’s website. He has a great sense of light in his paintings. He totally captures that coastal light, which really made me miss California.


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