Featured Artist: Lindsay Hopkins-Weld!

Last Light by Lindsay Hopkins-Weld 30x40 Oil

Last Light by Lindsay Hopkins-Weld 30×40 Oil

Lindsay Hopkins-Weld. With all the fabulous artists in the world it’s not easy to have a style that stands out, yet Lindsay’s work does stand out. Last Light is a soothing landscape, nice and serene, but with a strong contrast that makes it that much more wonderful!

The Light Before the Rain by Lindsay Hopkins-Weld 11x14 Oil

The Light Before the Rain by Lindsay Hopkins-Weld 11×14 Oil

Light Before the Rain is the perfect name for this painting. You know how the colors change before a big rain? Everything has a stormy, cool color – Lindsay reflected it perfectly in the water and the wonderful light in that oh-so-cool tree!

Read a bit about Lindsay, from her website:

I strive to capture in my work the essence, beauty and vibrancy of a specific moment in time. My oil paintings are a direct result of this fleeting experience. They are filled with expressive brushstrokes, rich color, strong light and shadows. Through color harmonies, I am able to achieve a certain mood, and by using heavy brush-stokes, my work has a textural aspect to it. I am inspired by the reflective quality of water and the abstract shapes that result. I like to both exaggerate and simplify what I see, whether it be cloud formations, patterns in water or tree silhouettes. This creates a pleasing balance between abstraction and representation. I search for scenes that take my breath away, and paint through direct observation outdoors (Plein Air) and in my studio with the aid of my own photographs. The resulting work is an outpouring of my love for the coast and its environs. My goal is to convey this passion to the viewer.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1960, Lindsay received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Museum School in Boston and has studied art in Florence, Italy and at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Further influence and encouragement came from her father, a self taught painter and wood carver. Lindsay currently lives in Massachusetts by the water.

“I am inspired by a beautiful day, the sun shining on anything, the gradation of fog, Richard Diebenkorn, Fairfield Porter, John Marin, all the Wyeths, Vincent Van Gogh, white sails on blue water, cloud formations, old bottles….” Read more HERE

All images via LindsayHopkins-Weld.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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