A Collection of Cones…

Cones, cones and more cones!

Let me start by saying I had the best of intentions of getting through a week of normal posts, however – I am so far behind I’m going to post some (lovely!) photos until I can get back into the swing, hopefully by next week!

Charlie, our sweet Jack Russell, hounded (hee hee) by skin allergies – medication has helped quite a bit, but every once in a while he’ll get a hot spot (this time between his toes), this has been going on since late September. Antibiotics and a Elizabethan collar (AKA cone). Antibiotics started working, but then they didn’t. No matter what cone we put on him, he can still reach! Biopsy of his foot to rule out anything else, he is OK… but the biopsy and the bandaging for over a week did not do his foot any favors. Back at the vet this weekend, another antibiotic shot… we have been watching him 24/7. One of us constantly keeping watch. 👀

I know we aren’t the only ones. We ran into a nice man at Petco who told us about Vets Best Hot Spot Foam – I’m hoping it will help soothe, but we aren’t to that point yet.

CONES… they need to fit better. The Pro-Collar he LOVES, but he can reach feet with no problem, it is helpful for other areas. A size 15 (cm) cone fits him, but is zero challenge. They tried a 20 cm cone which is for a larger dog and is heavy around his neck. He’s had that on like a trooper, but it’s heavy for him AND he can still reach his foot. Takes a few seconds, but it’s not a challenge either. He’s had the blue “daisy” as well call it. Soft and comfortable, but because it’s soft – foot into mouth in 0 seconds flat. So we are back to the 15cm cone and constant watch. He is fast.

So fast.

He seems fine, the foot is healing, if he will just allow it to – in the meantime – we watch and wait, which is why it’s hard to spend time on my blog – so I’m going through to share some photos and some thoughts.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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