Philosophy of Friends You Need

This blog post is written by a friend, Penelope Spurr Marshall who writes a brilliant blog “Nearly Ninety | Recollections & Ruminations of a Quirky Old Dame” – be sure to check it out!!

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Nearly Ninety

Version 2 Penny surrounded by younger friends.

When I think of this group of friends to prize as you age, it’s as a “Support of friends” as in a “pride of lions”.  I believe that our friends pick up where family leaves off, that they provide the continuum of love, support and joy that makes life livable. These may be in addition to family or in place of family that is far away or even just gone. Everyone as they age, if they are truly lucky, will have at least one good friend from each of the following categories.  These are the kind of friend who, when they see something amiss – spinach between your front teeth. peanut butter or a whisker on your chin, something unzipped – will immediately warn you or fix it. When you tell them a secret, it remains one.

Someone younger to help you stay “with it”and…

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