Have you heard of Sanders?

Have you heard of Sanders Fine Chocolates? (I just learned it is pronounced sand-ers and not saun-ders – although a good bit of people still pronounce it both ways). I grew up in Michigan and we had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure) of having a Sanders that we could visit. At that time they also had ice cream with the most wonderful hot fudge (fudge sauce still available today) – I used to get a cherry float. It was so exciting to sit at the counter with my cone shaped paper cup that fit nicely into a heavy metal holder (I was very young, not sure what they were made out of, and now that I think about it, they probably weren’t all that heavy). I would order my cherry float which consisted of big cherries that would get stuck in the straw which was part of the fun. I remember they always gave you water with ice cream. I took this photo years ago on Mackinac Island. It’s located just down from the Island House hotel (I love the Island House!). What a treasure!

Once in a while at the Lakeshore Grill inside Macy’s which used to be Hudson’s then Marshall Field’s and finally Macy’s – I will order an Ice Cream Puff which is topped with Sanders Hot Fudge, for which they are famous! If you ever see it (and I do see it in a store on occasion) – pick it up and give it a try, also makes a nice gift! Note: you can buy the cream puff shells and the hot fudge sauce from their website… woohoo!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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