Inspired Words Via Instagram #1 – My thoughts…

Inspiring Thought #1

I saw this on a friend’s Instagram and it hit me how true it is. If we stop wanting to learn (to be teachable) we stagnate ourselves. We need to expand our territories and learn something new. Whether it’s somewhere we travel, trying a new type of cuisine, learning a new hobby, a new language, or just getting out and doing something we don’t typically do.

I understand the frustration with computers and devices. 🙄 When they work they’re great, but when there’s a hiccup it can cause major tension. Remember…

Google can be your friend if you let it!

(Thank you Bryan S. for that quote)

There is precious little that I have Googled and not found an answer to. I am no wiz, but I am a researcher, and can find answers to most anything, well… within reason.

So instead of hesitating to learn something new, BE TEACHABLE. We have so much to learn every single day. The world is changing at the speed of light. For so many years things were consistent. You watched TV and got up to change the channel or adjust the volume (many of you won’t know about that), or the corded, rotary phones (or party lines, ha!) – We’ve moved on to computers, the Internet, Digital TV, Devices, more Mobile phones than Landlines, and on and on. With each invention we are freed and things are made easier. It seems. But… when you think back to the “old days” there were times to read, to play or work outside without constant interruptions. There was time to think. To interact with others. Time for written correspondence… I miss that.

I am thankful to have lived in both time periods. They’re very different, but I am not going to go down without a fight. Not having children to depend on to help with technical questions I feel the need to fight to keep up on my own.

So far, so good. Fingers crossed! 🤞 Catch you back here tomorrow!


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