293 Carya Road by Our Town Plans | Image Our Town Plans

4 thoughts on “293 Carya Road by Our Town Plans | Image Our Town Plans

    1. Hey Gina! My guess would be that they are using a tankless water heater (which can be installed on the outside of your home, which is so nice) and I would guess that the unit would be in the attic. My husband and I live in an older home and our unit is in the attic (with compressor outside) we also recently underwent a renovation and at that time had the regular water heater that was located in the attic switched for a tankless that is located outside. It’s fabulous! If you have specific questions, never hesitate to contact Our Town Plans via the link on the post, they are the nicest people ever and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Love this plan!


    1. Excellent point Lorie! I was thinking about my own one story house. Our heater is in the attic! Thank you for pointing that out! To anyone reading this – if you have any questions about this plan – always contact the source directly, ha ha… I give a link to Our Town Plans in the post, they will follow up with you and can answer any questions – they’re the best!


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