293 Carya Road House Plan MAIN by Our Town Plans

4 thoughts on “293 Carya Road House Plan MAIN by Our Town Plans

  1. I absolutely love this floor plan! My husband & I turned 65 this year, were forced by this pandemic to actually work from home; and have been thinking of downsizing for a few years. Consequently, I’ve saved even more houseplans on pinterest. We’ve discussed what we want/need in a house and this plan has it all: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a porch and common areas all on 1 level !!


    1. I’m so happy to hear that you found a plan that is just what you’re looking for – it’s a beauty! We don’t have a large house and we live in every single room. Happy we made the decision to stay fairly small (it also helps you from storing too much, ha ha) – Wishing you the best, #staysafe


  2. The pluses of this plan are that the arrangement of spaces is logical and functional. The location of exterior door allows them to serve more than one area. The windows provide sufficient natural light throughout the house, though a double window on the might be nice, However, the space is quite limited. It would not allow for aging in place safely should a resident need to use a cane, walker, or wheel chair. I would add enough space to both bathrooms to improve accessibility to the toilet and shower. The master bedroom needs enough room to walk or wheel around the bed and the closet is quite small. The second bedroom would not comfortably accommodate overnight guests or someone staying longer to assist the couple if needed. That bedroom would provide only limited space or office work or hobbies. To solve these issues, I would add one foot vertically through the 2nd bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen and another foot through the master shower/toilet, closet, bedroom, and the living room. I would also add one foot horizontally from the 2nd bedroom through the master shower, another through the laundry, second bath, and master bedroom, and a third across the kitchen and living room. Then, I would make sure this would allow plenty of space for arranging furniture, moving around, and any future mobility issues.


    1. For those of us looking to age in place your ideas are great. Our Town Plans can work with you to make your dreams a reality which is so nice! So keep that in mind if you find a plan that really speaks to you. Many companies, but certainly not all do provide this service.


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