Hurricane Dorian…

👉 Image via: NOAA

You may see a post from me tomorrow, and you may not… We have been preparing for hurricane Dorian since last Friday. We heard about the storm, headed to Costco as soon as Fred done working. We loaded up on essentials. That was LAST FRIDAY. The Bahamas has been battered by this storm and it’s headed this way.

This is gut wrenching. The worry feels insurmountable – I am trying to be the “glass half full” person, but after watching the latest update, ugh…

As of right now, we could have 10-15″ of rain over “24-36 hours” plus a very high tide and add STORM SURGE on top of that. Hard pouring rain for 24-36 hours makes me uneasy. This storm is moving at a painfully slow rate. We have everything moved out of the yard, coolers cleaned and inside, water purchased, radio and flashlights ready.

Most neighbors were staying, wonder if they still are? I think I will get ready and once it’s light, head out for a quick walk to burn off some of this (very) nervous energy and to see what others are doing.

When I get back I think it may be time to make cookies, they may be breakfast or lunch in the coming days (sorry a little “glass half empty just snuck out) 🥴

Praying that the track for this storm changes and heads out into the ocean, however that does not look likely. We will not be taking an unnecessary risks. We are in a fairly high area for Charleston.

Maybe it’s time to make cookies while it’s still dark this morning… 😉 If you’re in the storms path, STAY SAFE! Praying that you all stay safe! If I am fortunate enough to have power tomorrow morning, you will hear from me.


6 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian…

  1. Meg Bush

    Isn’t this the worst of times? You are in my prayers. I live on a farm just over the state line on i26. Yesterday the roadway coming here was full. But not packed which surprised me. I hope everyone is reading this well. If you need a safe have you can land here


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