Feeling the Effects of Dorian in Charleston, SC

🥴 🌊 💨 🌴 😳😬🙄🤞🙏💫

Well… this is nerve racking to say the least. We woke at 4:30 to a siren sound coming from the phone. Tornado warning for another county. The winds are wickedly strong and I’m typing as fast as I can. Power has gone on and off. So far ten minutes being the longest period of outage, although I don’t expect it to stay on much longer.

The winds are howling, and I do mean howling, the trees are blowing in the wind. From what I’ve heard this storm has intensified s bit and is now is Cat 3. Worst effects will be from 7am until around 3pm today, then it will start letting up a bit and should leave here late tonight.

Candles are out, my little solar lantern found and used, bless its heart, coolers ready to fill.

There is so much going on… saw the police (thank you Charleston Police Department) checking on a nearby home, possibly the power outage triggered the alarm? Not sure. There is a fire in Mt. Pleasant with so many first responders out in the thick of it. 🙏

Hope to be back in touch tomorrow… will see how it goes. If you’re in the path, stay safe, don’t go outside, it just isn’t safe.

Problems uploading image with power flickering and Xfinity internet down. Emojis in its place 😉


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