Thankful to see Dorian gone… #buhbye

THANKFUL. That’s the word I can use to describe how fortunate we were after hurricane Dorian blew through Charleston, SC. We certainly cannot complain, not when they’re still searching for bodies in the Bahamas from this same, horrible, storm.

The exhaustion we all feel is real. Day upon day for six days of listening to weather forecasts. As I mentioned yesterday, we (thankfully) slept through the first part of the storm and we were woken by an alarm for a tornado in a different county.

I grabbed my phone and checked the forecast. So. Much. Worse. However, what happened, while harrowing at times, and a complete mess, we are so fortunate. Many trees are down. Many still without power although I suspect that will be remedied rather quickly since there are so many linemen from all over the country here to start working as soon as possible. 🙏

We have a few homes to check on for friends, some yard clean up (happy to do it!!) Internet and cable is out and that’s fine, I have my handy dandy rabbit ears from Lowe’s 😉 at least we can see local stations clear as a bell.

Some things that I will purchase prior to the next storm is another solar lantern, those things are amazing. A NOAA weather/regular radio (we dropped our little radio and something is rattling, that was frightening to think we would be without any form of finding out what’s going on!) and I’m adding to the next list a bag of Natural White Cheddar Cheetos, haha…. some things are just necessary!

I heard from many of you yesterday, thank you for that. 🙏🙏🙏

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