Dorian… “brushing New England on its way to Canada”

We took a quick walk around the neighborhood yesterday, saw so many trees down, large limbs, trees on homes and cable lines everywhere. Note the position of this sign. So many trees and plants if not down are blown sideways. With that being said, Charleston is so fortunate to come through this unscathed (compared to what was predicted). This storm has reminded me that there are good people in this world.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out. Wow.

We worked hard yesterday cleaning up yards. Our yard and a few others where no one was home at the time. It felt good. It was exhausting. But it also helps to dispel some pent up nervous energy.

Whole Foods, EarthFare and Starbucks are still not open. The shopping center near us is still without power, but hopefully soon! Yesterday we made roasted veggies for dinner 😉 Today I could go for something a bit more. Thankfully Harriet Teeter does have power. I also can make a red sauce with a bag of Trader Joel’s Cauliflower Gnocchi. Hmmm, and a salad. Now that sounds delish! Enjoy your weekend. It’s a warm one today so we hope to chill…. 🤞

Back to normal posting once our internet returns… for now you get my daily ramblings, ha ha…

✨✨UPDATE: South Windermere shopping center now has power. Starbucks sign says closed until Tuesday. Normandy Farm Artisan Bakery is open!! 💃💃✨✨


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