Gifts – Suggestions??

Gift Suggestions |  Photo by Sebastian Fröhlich on Unsplash

Gifts. Usually I’m good at coming up with a useful gift for people. I listen throughout the year to the “I wish I had” or “I don’t have” and make a note – if it’s still something that I think they will like/want, then BOOM, gift idea solved!

But sometimes I get no hints. I get nothing… When people have most of what they need (and despise clutter), just WHAT is a good gift, other than the ubiquitous gift card?

If I know the person is concerned about accumulating more “stuff”, I go with a disposable gift. Whether it be eaten or used and disposed of. Some suggestions in this category, candles, perfume, even kitchen bar mop towels (a workhorse in the kitchen!) and good hand soap – I don’t usually buy food for people because I’m not sure what they like, what they’re trying to avoid, etc. I also like buying a nice bag of coffee if I know they’re a coffee drinker. What are some of your ideas? It’s getting down to the wire. Many sales are over (online) and it’s all about the shipping now. Hopefully you can pick up some things nearby.

I’m telling you the Target bar mop towels and a nice scented Mrs. Meyers hand soap is a great small gift. It’s a gift I like to receive 🙂 – my other options are anything that I LOVE, that makes life easier and is truly amazing – sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s a really small thing. But if it’s super useful and I love it, I think others will too. A friend bought us toaster tongs one year. What a thoughtful gift. They are wooden and have a magnet so they stick right to the toaster (or the refrigerator). I use them every time I use the toaster, and I think of that person every single time thinking what a brilliant gift that was! (Thank you H!)

📸 Photo by Sebastian Fröhlich on Unsplash

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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