My Form of Art…

Am I the only one?

What better way to unleash your artistic talents than to create beautiful designs for your dogs treats? Tell me I’m not the only one that does this?

Charlie had pancreatitis years ago, therefore he’s on a very low fat (almost no fat) diet. RX food, and veggies as his treats. We used to make homemade peanut butter oatmeal dog cookies. He loved those day’s… they have been replaced with “making carrots” or “making zucchini” etc. I buy organic carrots at Whole Foods, peel them and slice them round (perfect for chasing) and the smaller end gets sliced on a diagonal which he also loves. Frozen green beans, carrots, zucchini and cucumber are usually what we have readily available for him.

Sometimes we throw purple cabbage into the mix, or peas and he is out of control happy. Might as well make it pretty, right? It’s so fun to do. #butgoneinasecond Once in a while he also gets a few pieces of pasta – he loves it! #extraspecialtreat I have to say in all these years he has adapted well. I think it was harder on us!

I need to fit in a few wishes… 🥳 🎶Happy Birthday🎶 Eve wishes to my sister Bridget! Wishing you the happiest birthday ever (start celebrating today)! Here’s to #anothertriparoundthesun ☀️🌻😎

Happy Anniversary to my parents! Woohoo! You two are the best!! 👰🤵❤️🙏

xo, me 🤓

Enjoy this beautiful weekend and #staysafe

✍️ Until next time… 😷


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