The Dog Days of Summer Are Upon Us!

Charlie resting his bones poolside…

Well, the dog days of summer are certainly upon us. This sweet beast beats the heat by watching for the birds. #smartbeast In this post is a special recipe from days gone by to keep you cool as well as a few treats to keep our dogs cooler…

🍊Before I continue on this post let me remind you of a wonderful “recipe” that will make the heat easier to deal with. Do you remember Orange Julius? The wonderful, icy orange creation from years ago (I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere). I have THE RECIPE FOR ORANGE JULIUS and it couldn’t be easier! Haven’t had it in years (decades?) give it a try!

Great ideas for cooling during a heatwave with no AC: using an icy bottle and a fan from House Beautiful UK. Ideas from another (warm) country that I read about were working early and working late and napping during the hottest part of the day, which makes sense (not everyone can do that, but…). Another idea they had was to hang wet curtains with a fan in the window, blowing cooler air. Pretty smart. Charleston, SC has its share of warm temps and high humidity and I guess some get used to it, I’ve been here almost 35 years and I’ve not come anywhere close to getting used to it. 🥵 I am thankful every day for our A/C. I remember when I first moved here, after Hurricane Hugo (no electricity, no water, devastation) it was miserable to try to get cool in the blasted heat. Thankful a friend did have water (no electricity) so a nice cold shower by candlelight will cool you down for sure (and wake you up!).

What we do for Charlie (pictured above) – I make him frozen pumpkin treats (not pumpkin pie mix) – and frozen Greek yogurt dog treats decorated with veggies. I’ve read not to give dogs ice water or very cold water, so I’ll wash his bowl, then fill it with water and top it off with cold water from the fridge and give it a stir.

🛑 It’s (past) time to be hyper vigilant to kids or animals left inside a car, even for a quick trip into the store. I saw posts from Michigan – cookies baking on car dashboards, ha ha. Everyone be on the lookout for a neighbor or stranger who may need assistance. Sometimes heatstroke can come on quickly.


👩‍💻 Until next time…


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