Featured Artist: Wilfred Spoon – Whimsical Realism at its finest!

Egret with Haliconia 60×48″ Oil/Canvas

Wilfred Spoon. Be still my heart. I would describe his paintings as “whimsical realism” with the perfect amount of creativity. Wilfred’s paintings are happy, different, full of nature and showcase this part of the country so well. This painting can really elevate a space!

Egret with Haliconia is about as close to a Lowcountry painting as you can get without being the subject matter we see so often. Wilfred has a style all his own. It’s crisp and clear, the focus (to me) in this painting is on the egret, with the flowers and foliage surrounding it keeping your eye where it needs to be. Wonderful colors – this is perfection! There is a cleverness to Wilfred’s paintings. It’s more than a well-painted subject – his paintings are creative and they make your mind think and wonder and stay in the moment for a while.

I adore the bright shining star in this painting. I gravitate towards paintings with stars, specifically if there is an uber bright star. I like to think those bright lights may be those who have gone before us, and are smiling down upon us (kind of like the cardinals that fly about – a stark reminder that our loved ones are never far, at least from our hearts).

I was torn between two paintings – each equally fabulous – Check out Wilfred’s available paintings – the first painting “Flamingo with Century Plant” is another WOW… then scroll down… they’re all WOW. See what I mean?

Wilfred Spoon is from the Charleston, SC area. He knows about what he’s painting. Read a little blip about him, from his website:

Wilfred Spoon is a painter working in the SC Lowcountry. Born in Charlotte, NC in 1960 he earned his MFA at Parsons School of design in New York in 1987.  

His chosen media is oil painting. His paintings explore traditional landscapes, still lifes, as well as interiors. His still lifes and interiors search the mystery of the everyday while maintaining an emphasis on structure. His landscapes are a celebration of nature and fantasy. Sometimes dark but always optimistic.

He strives to express what the artist knows rather than what he sees, and so the facts of physical reality are largely sifted through the mind and personality of the painter. His paintings demonstrate his love for the naive as well as his art education. This combination infuses his work with a surprising clarity in an unexpected world.

Visit Wilfred’s WEBSITE to see more of his work also check out his Instagram (@spoonwilfred) – beautiful work!

You can see Wilfred’s work at Charleston Artist Collective in Charleston (and of course, online!)


✍️ Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Wilfred Spoon – Whimsical Realism at its finest!

    1. Lucky you, Jan! His paintings are amazing – our neighbor told us about Wilfred – don’t know how I missed him! She said we would love his work, she was right! Thanks for commenting – have a great weekend (almost here!)


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