S i m p l y E l e g a n t

What a thoughtful gift to drop off – a nice surprise. As y’all know, I happen to LOVE flowers of all kinds, and orchids are so special. Most require minimum care (at least in my experience) and will bloom again in time (have patience!) – A stunning combo of colors between the leaves and the flowers. This is a small orchid, so I’m giving it ice chips…

I saw the one bloom get a wee bit droopy (bottom left), so I gave it more ice chips and it’ll perk right back up. I’ve never had a small orchid before. Regular orchids can take an ice cube every week (2 if they’re blooming) and that’s always worked. So I’m learning with this one. I love that I can move it from spot to spot (trying to keep it out of direct sun).

Orchid blooms are exquisite, aren’t they? The level of detail is astounding.

As I write this there is a gorgeous cardinal (male) sitting on a branch peeking over this way. His colors are stunning – there are so many and they’re all so fast. He’s foraging for food in our neighbors yard now… happy as can be.

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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