Jamie Wyeth, Rockwell Kent and Monhegan – at the Farnsworth Museum through December 30, 2012!

“Jenny Whibley Sings” by Jamie Wyeth

Let me start by saying. Ahhhhmaaazzzzzing! I love how dramatic this piece is! The glow of the house against the deep dark surroundings, and of course, Jenny Whibley singing… The tumultuous sky with the few brightly lit stars. Love it!

I sure didn’t want anyone to miss hearing about this exhibit! I am looking so forward to seeing this collection of fine paintings! If you’re in the Rockland, ME area, don’t miss it! Afterwards pop across the street to the bakery for a chocolate croissant or to Rustica for some heavenly pasta!

“Late Afternoon” by Rockwell Kent – Image: Farnsworth Museum

On to the details… from the Farnsworth Museum:


May 12, 2012 – December 30, 2012
Wyeth Center

Jamie Wyeth’s connection to Monhegan dates to the late 1950s, when he first went there with his father, and he has continued to paint there ever since. His connection to fellow artist Rockwell Kent goes back nearly as far. Early in his career Wyeth bought several pen and ink drawings by Kent used as the sources for his illustrations to Moby Dick, one of Kent’s most renowned book illustration projects. Subsequently, Wyeth acquired what was Kent’s last home and studio on Monehgan, and then bought several of Kent’s paintings from his first period on the island around 1907. This exhibition will focus on works by the two artists done on Monhegan, and how the scenic island has inspired their work.

This exhibition is made possible in part thanks to the generous support of: Anonymous, The Crosby Kemper Foundations, Mr. Richard Gilder and Ms. Lois Chiles, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pyne, John and Anne Surovek, and Mr. and Mrs. George Twigg III.

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Olson House depicted in Christina’s World now a national landmark…

Image: Maps.Google.com

News from the art world… if you’ve missed the paper the past few weeks, here’s an update… as reported by AP.

 An old weather beaten farmhouse that sits in Cushing, Maine, the scene of one of Andrew Wyeth’s most famous paintings, and one of the most famous paintings of the 20th century is now officially a national landmark.
The Olson House is where Andrew painted CHRISTINA’S WORLD (among others) back in 1948.  He painted Christina Olson (who lived in this house), who suffered from some sort of muscular disease thought to be polio, she was unable to walk and had resorted to crawling at times. There are so many interesting stories that go along with Christina’s World, I will save for another post… You can visit the Olson house via the Farnsworth Museum. The house is open June – October.
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Portrait of Andrew Wyeth sells for $2.4 million

Image: ArtDaily.com

This 1969 painting “Portrait of Andrew Wyeth” , by his son Jamie Wyeth sold for $2.4 million at an auction that benefitted the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine. The auction was December 2010, so this isn’t late breaking news, but then again, I’m not CNN… 🙂

Interesting story, and I’m sure the Farnsworth Art Museum appreciates it! Now THAT’S a cool place!

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