Time to make a reservation at the Island House Hotel? Psssst, artists… this is a GREAT place to paint!

Approaching the island and The Island House Hotel!

Ahhhh, the Island House Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI. A place to relax, recharge, get out and walk, bike, then come back and have the best meal of your life! Start thinking about making a reservation soon… The 2012 season is from May 4 through October 27. We’ve never been there early in the season, I would think it could be quite exciting! As a kid we would always go during the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat race (mostly it was the dads who sailed sailed, then “the kids” and the wives drove and met them, then we would all squish into the car with all our bags for a nice ride home… back in the day of no A/C! Bless us. Ha.) which was in July, a busy time on the island. There would be so many people (from the sailboat race mainly) it was the best time growing up! My husband and I stayed on the island a few years ago around September, and once in October, we had the best time ever. It’s much quieter, especially in October. We don’t mind it being chilly… we rather welcome it, since it’s still warm here in Charleston (and as I write this, I’m extremely confused with our “winter” this year, 60’s and 70’s, which is nice, but it’s not winter!??)!

Rooms with a view! Image: TheIslandHouse.com

The rooms are lovely and you just can’t go wrong with any of them. Some have a view of the water, and it’s heavenly! There is an indoor pool, nice for a quick dip, or if you’d like to do a few laps to burn a few calories, since you will no doubt indulge in some fabulous food!

Back side of the island... heaven!

Psssst: ARTISTS… what a fabulous place to paint! One side of the island is more the “town” area with shops, etc., then there is the inner island, with gorgeous state park trails and views that can’t be beat. On the back side of the island it’s more cliff like and rocky. Trust me on this… I’m not sure why artists aren’t swarming like they are on Monhegan Island, Maine? Check out the Island House WEBSITE for reservation info!

For more on this hotel, read my review on Trip Advisor… Catch you back here tomorrow!


Bridget, Dad, Mom, Barbara

Today is Christmas, and I wish you the merriest! Good tidings to you…!

The only old Christmas photo that I could find was teeny tiny. That’s the Fidler family when we lived in St. Clair Shores, MI. Christmas was always a magical time!


To all of you… I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and I thank you for checking in with me! Have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to watch… Elizabeth Pollie!

Image: ElizabethPollie.com

I try my best to select a painting that is for sale instead of one that is already sold, but I just think this is the sweetest painting. This is done by artist Elizabeth Pollie of Harbor Springs, MI. After reading about her, and the different locations that she paints, I was so pleased to see that she paints scenes of Mackinac Island, Michigan! I had vacationed on Mackinac Island this year, and this painting is reminiscent of that trip… This looks like the horses on Mackinac Island. I love the flag in the distance, the light in the horses mane. Excellent. Not typical at all. I often wonder why there aren’t more galleries on Mackinac Island. Why aren’t there artists with easels set up everywhere like on Monhegan Island, Maine? It baffles me. I think it would be an awesome adventure (once my husband retires) to pack up, buy a place on the island and open a gallery. Invite our artist friends to paint on the island and show their work… whoa! Who could pass that up!? I love to dream!

Here’s a blip about Elizabeth from her WEBSITE:

Elizabeth Pollie’s exposure to the arts came at an early age. Taken to museums, enrolled in classes by her parents and influenced by her father’s love and practice of art and architecture, she was always clear about her path in life. “Working within the field of visual arts never seemed like a choice, but rather a place of true belonging”. She enrolled in college art classes while still in high school and went on to receive an education at a formal Art School. She earned her B.F.A. at The College For Creative Studies where she later taught.

Harboring a deep love of travel and art history, Elizabeth has combined her travels with her painting practice. The images that she creates are imbued with a sense of poetry, mood and depth.

The artist paints full time and teaches from her studio, West Wind Atelier in Harbor Springs, Mi.  Her paintings reside in both public and private collections here and abroad and have received much national recognition.

Elizabeth has found a deep sense of place within the rekindled practice of representational painting in America.  Of this movement Pollie reflects, “ It is celebration, an homage and in many ways a joyous homecoming. I am pleased to be a part of it.

Check out Elizabeth’s website! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Hop on and take a ride AROUND the island…

Bikes at the Island House Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI

Sometimes the most everyday things become the inspiration for a great photo… I would have loved to spend more than a few seconds on this shot, but we were on a roll, heading out to accomplish something or other… (eating, bike riding, photo taking, shopping, you know…??) Next time! In front of the Island Inn Hotel on Mackinac Island they have a great place where you can rent bikes. It comes in handy because that’s the best way to get around the island. And I do mean AROUND the island. Yep, bikes are great for back and forth running here and there, but what many people don’t do is take the time (doesn’t take that long, it’s only approximately 8 miles) to ride their bikes around the island. You will LOVE IT! The back of the island is very quiet and peaceful, the scenery is unreal. So take some time to enjoy the view!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Ahhh, nothing like a salmon color geranium!

I love geraniums. They have a way of making something drab come alive. I especially love this salmon color, something a tad different from the typical red. This shot was taken on the way to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI. My mom, sister and I were there for a little R&R in between my mom finishing chemo (YAY!) and beginning radiation… We had the best time ever. We spent a few hours at the Grand Hotel and had so much fun! Bring your camera with you to the island, there are so many photos to be had. It’s difficult for me to focus when there’s so much to photograph, ha ha…

Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

The magnificent homes on the West Bluff, Mackinac Island, MI

Magnificent homes on the West Bluff, Mackinac Island, MI

I know I said the East Bluff was my favorite… but… the West Bluff is also my favorite. These homes are impeccable and pristinely maintained, and that can’t be an easy (or cheap) job. It takes a lot of love to keep them looking like they do. The flowers are breathtaking. These are homes to be proud of for sure (as are many on Mackinac Island!). Ironically one of my favorite homes is the second from the left in the photo, the smaller one (which truly isn’t a small house, the others are just very large). It’s the sweetest home I’ve ever seen with a view that’s to die for. I would love to live in this house year round…. Ah, a nice dream for sure! On my Mac I can double click on the image to enlarge… hopefully PC users have that same capability… its nice to be able to see it a little closer! If you ever get a chance to visit Mackinac Island, MI I highly suggest it, it will be unlike anywhere you’ve ever visited in your life!

Catch you back here tomorrow!