A stay at the Island House Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI = HEAVEN!

Image: TheIslandHouse.com

Mackinac Island, MI… ahhh the memories. It’s one of the most magical places on earth. It’s like you’re back in time (no cars, bikes and horses only) with modern conveniences (AC for the warm months, great coffee shops, fabulous food, amazing scenery everywhere you look… fantastic hiking/biking trails, the list goes on and on)… My mom, sister and I headed out for a three day vacation, something we had never done before. Now I wonder what took us so long?! What a great time we had. Due in great part to the Island House Hotel. We had a fabulous room that overlooked the marina/Straits of Mackinac and wrapped around for views of downtown. It was magical. If you haven’t been to Mackinac Island, MI, it’s a place YOU MUST put on your bucket list. If you want a truly special stay, I would hands down choose the Island House Hotel. With it’s wide sweeping porches full of rocking chairs, a view that simply cannot be beat, the comfortable, clean and beautiful rooms, the dining room (1852 Grill Room) that will make your head spin it’s so good… I’m a bit of a drama queen but not in this case. Trust me. I know a lot of you are artists… this is a beautiful place to paint, it’s a small island with a rocky coast and beautiful views. It’s much like Maine in the way the coast looks, especially on the back side of the island. My sister and I took a ride around  the island at sunset… like I said… heaven! A ride around the island is only about 8 miles.

Mackinac Island is situated between the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan. You reach it by ferry, there are three ferry lines, Sheplers, Arnold, and Star Line. Arnold is closest to the Island House, Shepler is the one that we’ve taken since we were kids, and I’m not that familiar with Star Line… but however you get here, you need to!!

Check out the 1852 Grill Room’s MENU – let me just say, there are a lot of restaurants on the island. We had dinner the first night at the Island House, and it was so delicious (out of this world good!) we went back the second night, and again the last night! The whitefish was to die for, as was the Greek Pasta Toss… the desserts, the coffee, oh heavens… and I didn’t even bring up the heavenly breakfast buffet did I? Let me just say, that put a smile on everyones face!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting up early each morning, heading to the lobby, pouring a cup of coffee and heading out to the porch to watch the dark sky lighten. I met a lot of nice people and we had a great time! Next trip will be with my husband! We haven’t been to the island together in about ten years!

The Island House Hotel is a beautiful historical hotel that is impeccably managed. Each and everyone was so kind, it was a real treat. Check out their website, it’s a good one! Click HERE to read about the history of the hotel which is fascinating! Here are a few pictures from our trip, the rest will appear on weekends on this blog… catch you back here tomorrow!

Waiting for the ferry - Mackinac Island, MI
Me, Mom and Bridget waiting for the ferry home, ugh…
Our gorgeous, comfortable and clean room!
A warm welcome with beautiful flowers everywhere!

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