Baker & Brewer – Charleston, SC!

Baker & Brewer | Charleston, SC

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Bowens Island Restaurant MENU as of May 2014

IMG_0792 IMG_0793

The restaurant was packed and I couldn’t find my way to a menu (well, at least not where I would have enough room to set it down to photograph), so I settled for the sign… It gives you all the information you need!

See yesterdays post to see what the fried shrimp looks like… oooooh, too good!!

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F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:            What kind of footprints are these?

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:         Artist: William Wray!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:    Artist: Keith Oehmig!

Shrimp at Bowens Island Restaurant – Charleston, SC

Shrimp at Bowens Island Restaurant
Shrimp at Bowens Island Restaurant

THIS my friends is the 1/4# (small) shrimp dinner at Bowens Island Restaurant. The fresh, local shrimp in their delicate coating fried to perfection. This isn’t the thick batter that’s fried deep brown, this is succulent and out of this world good… so is the cole slaw… and the hush puppies… french fries are good too (and I’m not a french fry gal). I do wish you had a healthier option to go with the fried shrimp, but if you only go every once in a while its a splurge worth waiting for!

Bowens Island Restaurant is close to Folly Beach in Charleston, SC… check them out! (More details on the post from tomorrow)…

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F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:            Artist: Bill Schenck!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:        Piccolo Spoleto – Charleston, SC

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:    Kitchen Aid Mixer

Gaulart & Maliclet (Charleston Restaurant) Turned 30!


I meant to post this prior to May 4… I hate that I missed this! Darn, darn, darn… Too many sticky notes everywhere with ideas… it’s dreadful when some of the ideas have time limits, ugh!

BUT, we can all wish them a “Happy Birthday” and stop by for something fabulous! What a cool place, it’s where you see many locals as well as people visiting. It’s very cool how you sit with others if you don’t have a large party. Let me tell you, almost every time we go we meet someone so interesting. That makes this place so much fun!

Gaulart & Maliclet (also known as G&M or FAST & FRENCH) has great specials, and if I remember right fondue night is on Thursday! We usually make it there for lunch, the cold cucumber soup is to die for AND healthy… for real!

Check out their MENU, it will blow you away! Too good for words! Check it out if you get a chance!

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:             Artist: Kim Lordier!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:          Happy Mother’s Day!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:     Bessie Mae!

Bowens Island Views…

View from Bowens Island, Charleston, SC
View from Bowens Island Restaurant, Charleston, SC

Beauty as far as the eye can see… Bowens Island Restaurant… located in Charleston, South Carolina near Folly Beach (about 5 minutes away!) is one restaurant you need to check out next time you’re in Charleston. It’s, well… eclectic? The food is fresh and so tasty, I always get the fried shrimp, (my one splurge) and this is the place to get it!

They’re open from 5-10PM Tuesday – Saturday (CLOSED ON SUNDAY & MONDAY)… we usually get there early and there is a line, but just look at the view (above)… bring your camera, especially if you go near sunset… gorgeous!

Bowens Island Restaurant
Bowens Island Restaurant

This may not be a fancy restaurant, but LOOK AT THAT VIEW! I have gotten many gorgeous photos from this location! I have their updated menu set to post May 18 so check back then… but see the previous menu HERE, not much has changed!

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:           Artist: Andy Evansen

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:        Times Square Digital Gallery!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:   Parmesan Chicken with Salad – Ina Garten!

A glimpse of the Wentworth Mansion – Charleston, SC

Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, SC
Wentworth Mansion – Charleston, SC

This photo was taken on that walk that I’ve mentioned in previous posts… Fred, Charlie (woof) and I were zipping along at a brisk pace while I was trying desperately to sneak in some photos… I love this early morning light, there’s nothing like it!

The Wentworth Mansion is one fabulous piece of architecture! It’s a top of the line bed and breakfast, I haven’t been inside, but need to do that one day. They also have a fabulous restaurant, Circa 1886 for those of you who are interested!  “Travel & Leisure Magazine World’s Best Awards survey ranks locally owned Wentworth Mansion® with top spot in the US for best service and #2 in the world trailing The Peninsula in Hong Kong by just one-tenth of a point!”. Check out their beautiful rooms oh heavens! Some you are able to see a 360 degree view…  check it out, see what all the buzz is about!

F  L A S H B A C K

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:              It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:          Footlight Players – Charleston, SC

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:     Eat, Pray, Love… What would you do with your final hour?

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YoBo Cantina Fresca – a delightful healthy Mexican restaurant – Charleston, SC

yobo image fb

Recently a great little Mexican restaurant opened up in South Windermere shopping center… it’s a short walk away, which is the ultimate in convenience! If you haven’t ventured to YoBo Cantina Fresca yet, peruse their menu, then head on over!

The interior is very cool too… dress however you like…

yobo interior

They’re a friendly group over there… we’ve tried several items on the menu. My favorite at the moment are the chicken tacos… Next I’m trying the fish tacos… also want to try the salad… great salsa’s that are really different, and oh so fresh!

Yobo uses fresh ingredients! {Image}
Yobo uses fresh ingredients!

Don’t miss their specials… Monday night all tacos are $2.50 starting at 4PM…

Wednesday is 1/2 priced bottle of wine night…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images from YoBo Cantina Fresca website or facebook page!

Interior image: Image: Bette Walker Photography – Image from YoBo Cantina Fresca’s Facebook page

Have YOU been to Red’s Eats?

Red's Eats Wiscasset, Maine

This photo almost looks like it could have been taken a decade (or two) ago… some things never change, which is nice… Red’s Eats, a popular spot to get an assortment of food, known mainly for their lobster rolls (and cheap prices) this is one place that always has a line! They don’t have a website, but it looks like their hours are 11AM – 11PM MON-THURS and 11AM-12AM FRI, SAT & SUN. These people aren’t afraid to work hard!

I have yet to stand in line, we’re usually trying to get one place or another… or I’m just too hungry!

Have YOU been to Red’s??

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Poe’s Tavern – Sullivan’s Island, SC!

Poe's Tavern!

Sullivan’s Island, SC. One of the most beautiful places on earth. It has that “back in time” feeling. I would like to retire and live there (wouldn’t everyone)… beautiful homes, cool businesses, and of course, the ocean! Tucked in the small area of “town” is this wonderful restaurant that’s been around for about ten years now… it’s called POE’S TAVERN. Everything on the menu has an Edgar Allen Poe name to it, it’s so creative. The t-shirts are cool too, so if you make it there, check them out! Fabulous burgers and pretty much everything else! It’s fun to eat outside or in. It’s a happening place!

I know what you’re thinking… WHERE’S THE MENU?? Right HERE my friends… check it out!

Read a bit about Poe’s from their website:

Named in honor of Edgar Allan Poe, we’re best known for great burgers and drinks.

Much like his work, the life of Edgar Allan Poe was short, tragic and shrouded in mystery. Best known as the author of the popular poem “The Raven”, Poe is credited with creating the detective and horror story genres. After a brief stint at the University of Virginia, Poe enlisted in the army under the pseudonym Edgar Allan Perry and was stationed at Fort Moultrie at the western end of Sullivan’s Island for thirteen months beginning November 18,1827. His time on the island inspired “The Gold Bug”, a story about a mystical beetle that led to buried treasure. He died alone, impoverished and inebriated at the age of 40 amid conflicting accounts of his demise,  yet left an indelible legacy on American literature.

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Cheers in San Francisco at The Grove Fillmore!


Me at a cafe on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA – 2005!

Yes, for those of you who think I just don’t age… this photo is from 2005, ha ha… that’s my no aging secret, use old photos, works better than Botox! We had such a good time at this place. This was at a cool place called THE GROVE FILLMORE in San Francisco. I remember they had huge cups of coffee (as you can see), they had wonderful pies… ooooh, fabulous organic fruit fillings that made it worth the trip each time! They also had a macaroni and cheese that was to die for! Look at their MENU!


Image via

I was telling this older couple we had met along the way, about this place, and she told me “Honey, we used to live to eat, now we eat to live”. How sad I thought at the time. But we do the same thing with occasional splurges. I mean you are what you eat, right? That’s why I eat lots of shrimp. Hee.

Have a great weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!