Featured Artist… William Wray!

“Bannister” by William Wray

Can I just say THANK GOODNESS I FOUND THIS PAINTING! I’ve had this in my mind forever… this painting is just so intriguing… it’s a bannister and a staircase I know, but it’s something mysterious or something that has caught in my brain and I haven’t been able to let it go. I swear I featured this artist already. I went through my entire blog… nothing. I couldn’t remember the artists name for the life of me, and if Fred didn’t also see it I would swear I was losing my mind. We tried to find it last week, searched every gallery, every artist that we could think of and came up with nothing. Then I was on Frank Gardner’s website (you must visit! he is an exceptional artist, he never continues to amaze me with his work!), reading his blog, this post specifically… (click HERE to read!)

“20 Representational Painters to be Inspired by in 2012”  My personal list of paint that inspires me.

When, WHEW… Frank had William Wray on his list as well as the image. YAY! I’m not crazy, whew! I think I’m going to order a cake to celebrate, ha ha… So THANK YOU Frank, for your list, which was SPOT on, I’m so thankful I ran across it again!

Ok, onto the featured artist… William Wray. Look at this painting… this man is not afraid to put some paint down with some color to it! I love that wonderful orange popping through the violet… whoa! I wonder if this was really the color this stairwell was or if this is his interpretation?  Would be interesting to know. Either way the color is amazing. I love how artists can take something mundane and by changing the colors within the image it takes it from drab to WOW! This painting is on his website under “Interiors”. Great website so take a peek! William has a tab on his website “INFLUENCES”, and it’s brilliant! A link to the artists who have had an influence on him. Great information! Thank you William!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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