Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine OPENING May 25, 2012!

Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine… opening May 25, 2012  – The quiet that the island has endured over the past winter is almost over… it’s time for the Island Inn to open up next week, and with the opening will come some lucky people! Some there for the first time, not knowing what to expect, others most likely that have been coming this same time each year. If you’re new to the island, click HERE for the Visitor’s Guide to Monhegan, ME. We have met some of the most fascinating people on this island, it’s why we keep going back. Revel in the fact that there is no TV, no alarm clocks and all the “stuff” that keeps you wired… enjoy it! The peaceful quiet very well may overwhelm your senses!

Treat the island well… leave no trace. Enjoy and embrace the peacefulness that this island offers. You will miss it once you leave!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine OPENING May 25, 2012!

  1. It’s a very cool inn with the BEST food ever! The perfect spot to sit in an adirondack and look out over the ocean, or take a hike, or…. so much to do! Thanks for your comment!


  2. Claire Poncet

    I love it so much and dream of going back… we were there in the ’80, my husband was expat in New York and I remember a warm summer there, with all fthe family, eating cod at lunch and dinner (may be also breakfast !). Bathing in the cold water, walking the woods…


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