Featured Artist: Ralph Bush – Show at Island Inn/Lupin Gallery, Monhegan!

Wash Day by Ralph Bush Image: Lupine Gallery
Wash Day by Ralph Bush
Image: Lupine Gallery

Ralph Bush… an amazing artist! Fred and I first saw his work, an impressive large watercolor hanging at the Lupine Gallery in Monhegan, Maine. It was breathtaking. Well, it appears that Ralph paints many stunning scenes… here are just a few! Wash Day (above)… that brilliant orange sky, the clothes blowing in the wind on the clothesline, the very cool cottage and those luscious greens in the landscape. Lovely! Monhegan Island is one place where scenes like this actually happen, and happen quite often. You hear people talk about the “light” on the island. It IS different… and oh so spectacular.

Quiet Harbor by Ralph Bush Image: Lupine Gallery
Quiet Harbor by Ralph Bush
Image: Lupine Gallery

Quiet Harbor… oooh, another fabulous painting, darker and moody with the brilliant sky that just makes this painting P-O-P ! As you’ll read below, Ralph Bush’s paintings are being featured at the Island Inn on Monhegan. Each year a different artist is selected, and their work is showcased in the Inn’s fabulous dining room. It’s so exciting to see the work from year to year. The Lupine Gallery will be hosting a reception for the artist on Wednesday, June 25th, be there if you can!

Read a blip from an email from the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island:


We are pleased to present the 2014 summer solo exhibition at the Island Inn:  Selected Oils and Watercolors by Ralph V. Bush.

Ralph Bush is a Copley Master at Copley Society of Boston, a member of The New England Watercolor Society, Rockport Art Association and North Shore Arts Association. His painting The Old State House In Boston was selected from 3,000 entries as a winner in the First Annual Arts For the Parks competition, exhibited at the Great Hall of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. He is a three-time recipient of Yankee Magazine’s prestigious Robb Sagendorph Memorial Award for Art, presented by the Copley Society.

The paintings will fill the Inn’s large, light-filled dining room, and will be on view May 26—July 26 and August 11—October 13. The Island Inn will host a reception for the artist on Wednesday, June 25 at 2-4 pm; all are welcome.

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:             Keeping your brain healthy!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:          Flag painting by Frank Gardner

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:     Bowens Island Restaurant, Charleston, SC

Monhegan on my mind…


Oh, how I have Monhegan on my mind… going to miss the nice cool air, the seagull’s morning wake up call, the fabulous food, and our friends! We hope to be there next year!

C A N N O T   W A I T ! !

It will be that much sweeter next year!

Catch you back here tomorrow!!

And… the dining room is open… as Norah Jones sings “Come Away With Me”…

Dining Room at the Island Inn Monhegan, ME
Dining Room at the Island Inn
Monhegan, ME

Every time we hear Nora Jones sing, we think of the Island Inn on Monhegan Island, Maine. Every. Single. Time. One of us will say “the dining room is open”. One year, they played the same Nora Roberts CD, over and over. Not complaining. We rather enjoyed it. Matter-of-fact we looked forward to it the following year, and I’m guessing someone who worked each night couldn’t take it anymore! This dining room holds lots of special memories for us. We’ve met some wonderful people over the years. We’ve had wonderful breakfasts with some and long dinner’s with others. You know that comfortable interesting conversation that lasts long into the night? It’s rare to run into cool people like that. Monhegan, ME allows you to spend time with others because there isn’t a lot to distract you… no TV, radio, spotty cell coverage. All are blessings.

Special memories indeed! This photo was taken in 2008. The paintings in the dining room that year were by Alison Hill

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Susan Gilbert (opening reception today)!

Susan Gilbert Washer Woman

Washer Woman by Susan Gilbert

I love this piece by Susan Gilbert. The rich, warm colors, the pounding surf, the splash of the wave in the distance… and oh, how the toned canvas shows through. Remarkable. Susan lives on Monhegan Island, ME. Her work is featured at the Island Inn this year… be sure to check it out!


Susan’s work is shown at the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island. This is the neatest gallery. I just love the atmosphere, the art (obviously), and the people. Everything about it makes it one fabulous gallery. Susan’s opening reception is today from 2-4, so if you happen to be on the island, don’t miss it!

Read a blip about Susan’s philosophy from her website:


Heard on the Elizabeth Ann, ferry to Monhegan, Maine:

“One kind of work describes its object and is about the object. The other work is about art.” “There is nothing wrong with illustration, but it should be acknowledged, that is what it is.”

What do I believe? All art work is about art. All people see and respond to the world in an unique way. Art is the product of a true eye, a personal vision which one may or may not have the privilege to uncover. The truth of art will be revealed when given the chance to become itself through time and work.

Alex Katz,  visiting lecturer to my school in the early 70’s,  showed his recent work, cutouts- wooden silhouettes of figures with his characteristic, flat , simple delineation. He described that work as seen with “quick light,” and explained that he meant the impact to be gotten immediately, all at once. I compare this to the to the painting of Vermeer, timeless, still, yet endlessly unfolding,to my vision seen in the slowest light.

Broad categories are used to organize art, and to try to understand it. Context, history surround us. The frame of reference can be daunting. Where in this sea of time do I belong? To  work, to  search,  to find my vision knowing that truth in art can only  become itself through time and work.

The artist who continues to open may interpret vision. Like  DNA, art which becomes  signature expression is predetermined. Style is secondary to vision. Incorporating  much or little of history,  art is narrative,  figurative or abstract, minimal or baroque, technological, conceptual. With quick or slow light, art is always about itself.

So, art may be about describing a harbour, may be about color and pattern, may tell a story,  or  not. Art can be almost anything.  How to organize art is personal.  I  choose not to draw a line. Why subvert my need to be surprised by the unexpected, to be enlightened, refreshed. When viewing art I ask, does the color sing? does the paint move me?  does this work have a life? can I return to it? will it be thrown away?  Is this rich, true, right? Art is.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Image Credits: SusanGilbert.com

Island Inn… Monhegan Island, Maine!

How grand does the Island Inn look sitting atop the hill keeping watch over the entire island? Pretty darn grand! I love this place… WE love this place. The people are like family. The rooms are clean and oh so comfortable. The bonus are all the wonderful people you meet, the people that keep you coming back to catch up! There seems to be a small group of us that goes to the island about the same time every year. It’s like a family reunion, ha ha… I think this photo is from 2009… but it shows the parts that I love… Arriving with the Island Inn truck there to help schlep your bags to your room, the Barnacle (on the left), a wonderful place to play cards if its slow, or to have a hot chocolate or coffee and definitely a nice lunch! Trek up the hill to the inn, and then off to your room, how exciting! Ahhh what great memories! When you come to the island it’s an adventure… the art is spectacular and you’re likely to see artists scattered everywhere. The food… extraordinary! The views, the island itself… absolute stunning beauty!

Hey, if you want to visit the Island Inn, check out their website, it’s fabulous! I still dream about the fabulous dinners there, oh boy!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Photo: Ahhh, the way life should be! Relax and enjoy!

Now don’t you think this is the way life should be? Like a nice summer vacation. Where there is time for sitting and reading, or sitting by the river and watching all there is to see (it can be more entertaining than television, that’s for sure!). My parents live on the St. Clair River in Algonac, MI… the views are amazing… the sunsets are out of this world! My dad made these adirondack chairs, they have nice fluffy cushions, and it makes a great place to sit.

Wouldn’t you like to be sitting in that chair right now? Me too! These chairs remind me of the Island Inn on Monhegan (Maine). Nothing like sitting and reading or watching the water!

Monhegan Island, Maine – Island Inn Adirondack chairs… Fred reading while he waits for me… 

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine OPENING May 25, 2012!

Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine… opening May 25, 2012  – The quiet that the island has endured over the past winter is almost over… it’s time for the Island Inn to open up next week, and with the opening will come some lucky people! Some there for the first time, not knowing what to expect, others most likely that have been coming this same time each year. If you’re new to the island, click HERE for the Visitor’s Guide to Monhegan, ME. We have met some of the most fascinating people on this island, it’s why we keep going back. Revel in the fact that there is no TV, no alarm clocks and all the “stuff” that keeps you wired… enjoy it! The peaceful quiet very well may overwhelm your senses!

Treat the island well… leave no trace. Enjoy and embrace the peacefulness that this island offers. You will miss it once you leave!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Photo: a balcony at the Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine…

Several years ago we stayed in a room at the Island Inn that had a balcony… it was a delight, sitting out there in your own chairs overlooking the most gorgeous view EVER! The room was nice, but much smaller (which is fine, we don’t spend much time in our room at all). We’ve tried all different rooms and all seem to be fabulous! This year we’ll be on the third floor, so that will be nice and quiet… and you get a bonus workout each time you walk the three flights to your room, ha ha… helps burn off all the tasty food… although it seems like all we do is hike, walk, well… and  e a t! This surprise shot showcases our little bag of treats on our porch… can’t remember what it was but i’m sure it was good!

Enjoy your Sunday… catch you back here tomorrow!

Now is the time to make your reservations for the Island Inn on Monhegan Island, Maine!

Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine

Ahhhh, can’t wait to get here! The Island Inn on Monhegan Island, Maine… it is the best place to stay. A wonderful breakfast, coffee that makes your smile linger a little longer and I highly recommend making dinner reservations EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! We were thrilled to be in touch with some of our friends that stay on the island around the same time every year. They have become like family to us… can’t wait to see them all again!

If you’re looking for that perfect place on the island, look no further… catch you back here tomorrow!